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HELP! iMac duel boot network setup

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by jayne433, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Can anyone help please?

    I have inherited an iMac duel boot (OSX/Windows7) ICT suit with so many issues! And no network manager!

    The previous teacher installed refind to boot between apple and windows but it kept crashing, the computers frequently couldn't 'find' the keyboards and mouse due to the conflict I think between windows and apple drivers. Windows on numerous machines was becoming corrupted and they were randomly blue screening. On searching Refind I found it has an issue with Mavericks. And I think rebooting and switching between apple and Windows every 35 mins was too much for the machines to cope with!

    My School head has purchased Parallels which I am trying to install now but there seem to be so many variables I am unsure the best way to proceed.

    Is it better to install Parallels so Windows is run as a virtual machine, or to access windows from Bootcamp?

    I was hoping to avoid having to log in twice, especially incase the children forget to log out of windows before logging out of the imac.

    I tried installing it as a virtual machine but when I start up windows it says upgrading the virtual machine every time which takes far too long to be any use as the lessons are only 35 mins each!

    Also the passwords are stored in the keychains locally but I want to be able to have the children log into any machine. How do I do this please?

    Please, if there is anyone who uses a duel boot iMac network and knows how to get this working I would be very grateful! All of the advice I have found using google is for situations where there is only one user who stays logged in all day!

    I have an OSX server which has previously only been used to restrict the hardware privileges, and a Windows 2008R server using Active directory.

    Quite desparate now!


  2. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    What do you need Windows for? I haven't used a Mac since the 80s, but people are prepared to pay a premium for them, so they must be able to do most things (although I know that there's no Mac version of Access).

    If it's just the occasional application, could you use Wine to run it, instead of booting into Windows?
  3. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    You might be better off asking on Edugeek, I've always found them very helpful (and this forum is very quiet at this time of year )

    A quick search over there found this which may be of help. But a more specific request will, I'm sure ,produce some useful guidance
  4. Thank you, I give it a go
  5. Hello Jayne, I'm an ex-Senior IT Technician for two secondary schools, in Teesside, I've seen this sort of dilemma before... have a look for "hypervisor" for intel imac - probably linux or OpenBSD based, this is a minimal operating system which re-presents the computer hardware as multiple independent computers to each of several operating systems, e.g. Mac OSX and MS Windows 7. The advantage here is that each users OS is booted up and running simultaneously, the user switches between them with a reserved key combination. Technically, a hypervisor can be installed in a full desktop operating system, certainly in Linux and probably in OSX; MSWindows is then sat in memory ready to go "instantly". Your desktop computers shall need twice the memory for a full allocation to each OS.

    As JaquesJaquesLiverot suggests, you may consider a complete review of your application programs...many Windows programs are free(dom) licenced and available for Linux, as are many Mac programs... your school may be trying to throw good money after bad by trying this dual boot/virtual machine "solution" which is probably far more trouble than it is worth... iMac Intel equipment is very well made and most suitable for Ubuntu Linux or any of the Educational editions of Linux - Edubuntu, Debian Skole, PCLinuxOS etc.

    Deep breath, take a good few steps back... reevaluate your ICT resource provision from a needs point of view rather than getting your current applications to work... and 35 minute ICT lessons are very ambitious if they are meant to be truly effective, even with an "instant-on" configured suite... do you not log-on to a network?

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