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Help, I'm in a muddle. Persuasive texts - year 4 - leading to estate agent's blurb

Discussion in 'Primary' started by brunetta, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    I'm a student on final placement getting into a right muddle with planning for persuasive texts and I would really appreciate some help.
    After half term I'll be doing a unit on persuasive texts with the objective that, by the end of it, the children can draw up an estate agent's desciption for a habitat (link with science).
    I've started off planning for looking at paper adverts, noting the language used, adjectives etc etc. Do I then go on to other persuasive texts such as letters before looking at property adverts? I've been spending hours going around in circles on this and getting nowhere. I've been sidetracked by the possibility of looking at persuasion in tv and radio ads and Literacy Framework mentioning DVDs etc but I assume that these detract from my main objective?
    Thanks in advance


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