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Help! Ideas needed for teaching English Civil War @KS3

Discussion in 'History' started by louscher, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. I've taught it before, but find it so boring. I was wondering if anyone had found an exciting way to teach it...

  2. A bit further on in the topic what about n interpretations exercise on Cromwell? Compare Cromwell the film and Blackadder's the Cavalier Years for portrayal, why they would be portrayed like that, etc

    As for the causes and initial bit. I show a picture of Charles getting his head cut off and get them to devise questions of the picture in their book and they have to answer them by the end of the topic.

    Venn diagram on causation always good as well. There was a BBC series on the causes of the Civil War years ago might be worth a look.

  3. If you live within travelling distance of Torrington, Devon, we had the most fantastic education group spend a day with us. Called 1646 Outreach Education, they organise the whole day. The students loved every minute of it, Warning there are some gruesome moments.

  4. Than you so much for your ideas, it's really appreciated.

    I wish I did live near Devon but I'm in foggy Yorkshire...
  5. 'Hotseating' Charles I, Cromwell, Fairfax etc?? role can be played by teacher or pupil volunteer... pupils could be asked to research a particular topic and find some questions they would like to ask the figure being hotseated.
  6. Hot-seating Charles is a brilliant idea, thanks
  7. Thank you v much for all your ideas-they are great x
    Does anybody have an idea for a longer 'project' on the Civil War e.g. has anyone done a diary/story?
  8. medieval

    medieval New commenter

    Have done a story based on the painting 'And when did you last see your Father?' Using a prompt/scaffold, pupils write a story which ends up with the title of the painting
  9. hi this has probably been suggested to you or done by you but role play is always well received in my class.
  10. I like the idea of role-play-do you mean for life during the cicil war? Could you point me towards any resources/writing frames you may have for this please?

    Lou x
  11. Hi unfortunately we dont cover this topic in huge detail, the basic lessons are done from text books and dvd's but to round up the topic we do a role play of the trial and execution of Charles. Ensuring the children use sources and evidence that we have used throughout the topic we have the children playing the roles of the main characters of the trial and the execution although it would be fun for the teacher to play the role of charles, so the children can execute him.

  12. Seek out your local Sealed Knot or English Civil War Society - they love showing off their kit and might be able to bring in some weapons or uniform for the kids to see.
  13. I did a roleplay of the kings execution for the French Revolution, but I can't see why you can't do the same for Charles'.

    I got the students(Yr 8) to do a news bulletin of the execution. They had to research it properly. They were each given a roleplay card so that you had a few people being presenters, a roving reporter at the scene, interviewees and a political expert giving their opinion on the long term effects of the execution. I filmed each roleplay and then they watched it back and marked it using peer assessment. It worked really well and made it much more interesting. I gave them a self assessment form at the end and it was really nice to read their comments about how they didn't know history could be so much fun!

    If you want send me your email address I can send you my resources and you can tailor them to suit.
  14. Sent today!
  15. bonkers 704

    bonkers 704 Lead commenter

    Battlefield Britain (with Jon and Peter Snow) has an excellent programme about the Battle Of Naseby. The one on Hastings is absolutely marvellous.
  16. hi all, im going to be teaching this topic soon and was just reading through some ideas,joeyd007 your lesson sounds really interesting and fun, was wondering if you dont mind if i could have a look at your resources please, quite stuck for ideas at the moment.thanx.

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