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HELP - ICT skills failure!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by PinkHelen, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. PinkHelen

    PinkHelen New commenter

    Hi all, i seem to be having a complete failure with my ICT skills at the moment. Normally I consider myself to be really good at using any software, especially Office, but I'm trying to complete a digital application form (in Word) and it just won't do what I want it to!

    I need to add in my cover letter to the document (before the application form starts) and my "supporting statement" at the end. I've compiled my cover letter in a separate Word document, so I intended to just copy and paste the cover letter in at the start of the Word document and tidy up with a bit of formatting afterwards. However, when I try to click on any space in the application form the cursor moves straight into the nearest "answer" space - it seems to be literally impossible to write anything in the form anywhere other than in the prescribed areas. Also, all of the command buttons on the toolbar are "greyed out" and inaccessible.

    Normally I would just send the form, cover letter and supporting statement separately via email, however it seems I need to do this in order to upload everything in one document via TES HireWire.

    The application needs to be in by noon tomorrow (and I have a full day of teaching then) - any advice?!
  2. Insert a page break?
  3. PinkHelen

    PinkHelen New commenter

    Also not allowed - that option is in grey on the toolbar and I can't click on it.
    Thanks for the respone though.
  4. Can you click outside of the application form? Or write out your covering letter, then copy and paste the application form underneath this, and then copy and paste the supporting statement under this? (You may need some page breaks in there though)

    Just an idea, I'm not THAT tech savvy, and word IS incredibly annoying!
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Turn everything into a pdf when finished and then insert the pages where needed?
    Word forms are password protected to stop any changes to the original form so you won't be able to change this document. Can you copy and paste it into a new document? I doubt it but worth a shot.
  6. PinkHelen

    PinkHelen New commenter

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, sadly none worked so I've emailed it instead. Hope they don't mind!
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Best of luck! x
  8. I'm sure an email with a brief explanation of why you've done so will be fine. Perhaps it will encourage the school to sort out the dodgy formatting on their form so that it's actually compatible!

    Good luck. XXX

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