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Help! I want out, asap.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Moony, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    You sound like me 2 years ago :(

    I was in a school where my face didn't fit, kids gave new staff a really hard time and I was in a horrid teaching room that was more or less isolated from the rest of the department, I also had observations every half term! And it was about this time in my year at that school that I went to my doctors about things getting on top of me and I got signed off with stress. It was such a relief and if I'm honest I think I might have managed to avert some sort of breakdown, my return was also well timed as I only had a day with the kids, then a training day and then the easter hols. All in I had a month of school and it was time I needed.

    As other people have said you need to get to your doctors, this IS affecting your health now and it's not fair. Go to your GP and get some time off to lick your wounds, get some proper nights sleep in you and then start thinking about what to do. Whilst supply might be thining out in various areas this is an instance in which i'd say get out the contract and work on supply. I walked out of my 1 year contract with that school and fell back on supply as it was a way of earning money whilst i worked things out. I managed to get a years long term cover (initially booked for half a term mind, my nerves/confidence where shot and thats all i could manage at the time) and I rebuilt my confidence over that year in a nice school, over the summer the last of the physical side effects (some bad excema on my eye lids) went.

    I'm still on supply now and i'm getting an ok amount of work, not only has it given me my confidence it's given me time for some long term perspective on what I want out of life, be it teaching or something else. So I know that you will be able to get out of this and that things will go back to normal for you, but you've got to take the first steps of doing that now. Get some time away from the cause of your stress (i.e. work) and start to take stock, no job is worth this sort of effect on your health. If it helps I don't have a problem with you PMing me and we can have a natter. But please don't let yourself get pushed to breaking point.

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