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Help - I have lost all my confidence!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by cooplo, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Can anybody help me? I'm currently teaching in a pretty tough school where the kids constantly tell you that you are a rubbish teacher. When I arrived there I was full of confidence and lots of exciting ideas. In turmns of improving my teaching skills since I've been there I'm sure I've gone backwards but have certainly improved with behaviour management. I went for an interview this week and was rejected after the interview lesson and didn't make it to the interview stage. Needless to say my confidence is at zero now and I also didn't get an interview at one of my PGCE placement schools at which I was led to believe I had done pretty well. I feel a total and utter failure.
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Its really hard for everyone at the moment. I've been invited to the TES awards but still can't get a job anywhere! Don't take it to heart. What was the feedback you were given? Just take it on board and keep at it. Have a look at the Jobseekers forum, you are definately not on your own. x
  3. Dont let anyone make you feel like this. In life sometimes lessons don't go our way things out of school can play on our mind or pressure can get to us. On my final placement i had a teacher who i was working with who was vile to me. She stopped one of my lesson observations because a couple of children didn't understand the format of a worksheet i had made. I was constantly told i would fail.
    It was a horrible experience, as i know deep down that i am so hard working.
    Anyways i just grinned a bared it and had a lot of support from other teachers in the school who wanted me to do well. I kept fighting and didn't quit no matter what awful things, teacher, pupils said.
    My final observation came out as a good in a subject i didn't have much experience in.
    I now have a job and have been offered interviews from a range of schools.
    I'm also now doing supply and teachers are requesting me to teacher their class while they are away.

    I know exactly how you feel but with every comment just ignore the person who said it or try and turn it into a positive
    Just prove everyone wrong.

    Just take every bit of feedback be totally classy and thank the school for giving you the interview and next time just go in brimming with confidence remember interviews are performances even if your shivering in your boots put on a smile.

    Also if there are teachers around when your being interviewed make small talk with them. I found on one of the interviews i went to the other applicants were really moody and didn't even smile at people:S
    Hope this helps! x

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