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HELP! I have an interview revision leson on P2 Current Electricty

Discussion in 'Science' started by katiejillslattery, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I need mega help! I have a 50 minute interview lesson. It should cover.....
    • <li style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt;tab-stops:list 36.0pt;" class="MsoNormal">The symbols for circuit components<li style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt;tab-stops:list 36.0pt;" class="MsoNormal">Where to put ammeters and voltmeters in circuits
    • <font face="Gill Sans MT">Ohms Law and be able to calculate resistance</font>
    • <font face="Gill Sans MT">know the difference between series and parallel circuits</font>
    • <font face="Gill Sans MT"><font size="3">know be able to recognise/interpret current-potential difference graphs</font></font>
    I am baffled how to increase engagement , differentiation and assess progress with this lesson. Any ideas on some or all of it would be ace!

    Thanks guys

    Katie x


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