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Help-I can't get them to be quiet!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by NQT1986, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    I've been teaching for hundreds of years (well, 14) but this lot are driving me potty. They are Y2 and whilst I can cope with the general fussing and tale-telling, I am struggling with getting them quiet enough to get on with their work! They all seem to be chatting ALL of the time-I have never really had this trouble before-they usually respond!

    I'm going to try carpet spaces tomorrow to separate some of the chattering on the carpet, but what can I try for when they are working at their tables! It's a big class in a small room which doesn't help. I've been putting names on smiley faces and rewarding with stickers when I see individuals working-but need something else.

  2. I always think a long first week back can be made much better by a little bit of shouting.
    Just a little bit to shock them, not too much!
  3. Not very original but you could start totting up the minutes that they talk through and take that from break or lunch.
    Also find opportunities for directed discussion and explain that this is their opportunity to talk, not at other times when you are delivering.
  4. My Y2 class are the same. They are used to a different regime now in Y1 where they "Continue the learning journey" from Foundation stage and work in the same, less structured, way.
    I am constantly reminding them that Y2 children work quietly and am praising those that do so at the moment but it is early days. I will get a bit fiercer when they are more settled in and start handing out (tiny) loss of playtimes!
  5. Sillow

    Sillow Senior commenter

    I've been stressing about my Year 6 lot for the same thing. Nothing seems to work, but I've been reminded we're only a few days in and to stick at it as they will learn eventually!
    Can't see me having much break time between now and Christmas, though, while they learn the right behaviour. I thought Year 6 would know it all by now!
  6. golf girl

    golf girl New commenter

    How about marbles in a jar- when they are working quietly you add marbles in the jar, when they are noisy take marbles out of the jar.When the jar is full of marbles they get a treat, I let the class decide the treat! It might be an extra play time or extended golden time, use of the laptops etc.This worked really well with my year 3's last year.

    When I was in Year 1 I had a puppet that used to come and sit on the quietest table, this might be a bit young for your year 2's but you could try it!
  7. A colleague uses Marbles in a Jar successfully - think it came from Fiery Ideas. However another tried using it and was unsuccessful. He now uses a casternet that he clicks when he wants the class to be quiet. He just starts clicking it and says things like "Don't let me get to 8!" He never has!
    Its amazing really - just the wrong pitch I think and makes the class stop.
  8. When I had a Primary 3 class I used a noise meter I found on **********. You use an arrow to set the noise level you want in class then you can add 'warning lights' if the class aren't sticking to it. When they reach 3 lights you give some sort of sanction, such as loss of break time. If they manage to maintain the noise level throughout the lesson they get some sort of reward such as the marbles already mentioned or I used class points leading towards a reward. This worked really well with that class as one child would immediately spot if I added a warning light without me even having to say anything and then word would spread around the class and the noise would nearly instantly go down.
    Here's the link so you can have a look if you want:
  9. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    You really shouldn't be using **********. The man is a twice convicted paedophile and banned by most LAs.
  10. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

    Amazing ....
  11. We've been told by our LA that ********** is now fine to use and it has been reinstated on our list of approved sites. Something to do with the ownership of the site I think, although I'm not sure of the details.
  12. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    We were banned from ********** when the original 'owner' was caught, but it was bought by another company I think quite quickly, and the ban was lifted months ago
  13. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    I love the calm counter on ictgames. It uses the microphone on your computer and your interactive white board. My Year 4's knew that if the meter went into red, they owed me 5 minutes back at lunch. Worked an absolute treat!
  14. I always wonder about whether I am thinking of where my last class ended up and have forgotten about where they started and the hard work in between.
  15. Not sure I understand your comment.

    And I was unaware of any issues with **********, it has certainly never been banned in my LA and I know plenty of other teachers who use it. Granted I haven't been on it since 2009 but I hadn't seen anything about this so I hardly feel I have done anything wrong in using a website two years ago that I did not realise had any negative issues. I was merely trying to be helpful to the OP and sharing something I had found which worked with a class I had.
  16. Surely, as ********** resources are free to download, any money being made by whoever is revenue from the advertising on there.
    While I broadly agree that we could find alternatives to **********, not least of all to avoid all of our classrooms looking so samey, same graphics, same font style, same overall design etc., it must surely be down to those placing their advertising there who need to do the boycotting.
  17. Sorry, my post wasn't any help to the OP, but it did look like you'd found something that worked.
    Hope it's still going well!
  18. Earl Davids wife

    Earl Davids wife New commenter

    The different takes on why it is OK to keep on supporting a paedophile are amazing.
    Forgive me if I struggle not to choke on your last comment ( it must surely be down to those placing their advertising there who need to do the boycotting) which leaves me reeling in that it suggests yet another reason why it's OK for teachers to carry on supporting him.
    Other than that I think that it IS a shame advertisers don't boycott but they aren't likely to do that are they? It brings in too much revenue and why should it bother them? - though I suspect many don't know about his tastes for photos of babies and little boys being abused.
    I can't square his tastes for little children with supporting him directly or indirectly and find it hard to understand why any teachers can ignore or in effect excuse what he did.

  19. I suspect though, that most people don't feel they are supporting a paedophile because many LAs have given a written directive to their schools that it is now fine to use and lifted their interent restrictions of the site. This was certainly the case in my own area.

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