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Help- i am struggling!!

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by anh9, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hi i need some sound advice out there from any one who can help!!
    I have worked at my school here for a few years, it is where i completed my nqt year and have had a few minor hiccups. I have found my time enjoyable at the school but have found my head of department difficult to work with-as limited support and guidance have been offerred to me. I was going to leave my school last year, as i believed that there was little opportunity for progression-i played else where and even had an interview-my head of department found out about this-asked me to no leave-as my school is a better school and said that she would speak to the head about promotion. Where i stand now-i have my promottion as a co-ordinator-but i am uncertain as to what i am supposed to be doing for this job post as there is no job spec-the vacancy was created internally-i mentioned this in the interview-but i was told-that i should have researched this before hand-My head of departmnet is asking me to complete tasks in a day-with out giving me any notice-for example-i was asked to analyse results with no set time givem-i was asked where these resulrs were-and i responded that i had not completed them yet as i was unsure of the deadline date-i also replied that they would be handed in the next morning as i was teaching all day that day-in response-i was told that they ahd to be handed in by 3.30. I approached my HOD the following day-and stated that i do not mind completing my share of the responsibility for her but in order for me to do that i need a list of deadline dates-in response-i was told-to use my initiative-I am realy apprehensive aout this position-i do not have clue what i am supposed to be doing-i have no one to ask and am thinking of not taking the position on-as it is causing me soo much unhappiness and stress-any guidance will be greatly appreciated!
  2. you need to make it clear to your HoD that you need a clear list of your roles and responsibilities - i.e. what are you co-ordinating? a key stage? a subject? and what the HoD expects from you in terms of this co-ordination e.g. managing exam entries, managing intervention strategies for underperformance. It sounds to me like you are in danger of becoming the HoD's lackey (and getting all the rubbish jobs).

    You could produce what you envisage a list of your roles and responsibilities are and then the HoD will have to engage with you to clarify whether your understanding of the role is the same as theirs - that way you can't be excused of not using your initiative.

    good luck
  3. Quite right - I would go to the Head direct if I were you, with examples of the unfair expectations and ask for job description or atleast a list of responsibilities as a minimum guidance. Is there anyone else in a different department with a similar position that you could ask if they have a clearer outline of what is required from you??

    Good luck and keep your pecker up. If they don't play ball then I would definitely look elsewhere for work. There are some lovely schools out there

  4. The exact role will depend on what you are co-ordinating however I would draft a list of jobs/responsiblities you are prepared to do and then put this in writing to the head stating this is what you envisage the role to entail but could s/he clarify if there are other tasks to be included or not. I would include analysing results, monitoring performance of students against (ALIS/FFT) predictors, target setting, and having a robust intervention policy if students are underperforming, production of independent student workbooks that students complete in their opwn time and are monitored by teaching staff on a weekly basis, selecting and ordering books/resources, phoning home to poor attenders/performers, planning outings, preparing/setting up for open evenings etc, preparing or helping to prepare S of W + resources for new scheme of work. If you are only getting 1 T & L point I don;t think it is reasonable to expect much more, if you are getting 2 T & L points then you will propably be expected to line manage other staff in addition. I hope this is of help but if you cannot get a definitive job description they I would spend the year develping your leadership skills then move on to a more supportive environment next year.
  5. Thanks a-lot for all the supportive advice that everyone has provided-i am so glad that nice people still exist!! To be honest-i am to scared to approach my head of department as she is very manipulative and i believe will not support me at all. I did take some initiative-i have emailed the head of sixth form to arrange a meeting - i will specify that any thing related to sixth form must be passed on to my self-as at the moment it is being passed on to my HOD who is not giving me this information-I do not want people to think that i am moaning-but another example-class lists are meant to be completed by the end of the week to make sure they are correct-these were handed to my HOD last week-i asked her for these-she responded that she did not have them-i asked her again today-she gave them to me-i completed them and returned them-i am trying to have minimum contact -to keep a professional relationship-but not personal-- I am friends with another head of department at the school-who has given me some sound advice and is very supportive-I just feel very under valued and am loosing my confidence in my own abilities. The position is only 1 TLR point-would you suggest that i make a list of jobs that i believe the position will entail and then email these to my HOD?? If you would like me to do anything else she can inform me-is it too late to do this and do you think she will give me a hard time if i do this??

    It is a shame that teaching is like this-are all HOD like this?? do minimum work-and offer little guidance? I do feel some times that i am being taken advantage off-for example the previous year i spent the entire day marking my HODs course work-as she was under a lot of pressure-rather then offering thanks -i was told that i was not meant to be writing comments under the reference section-

    Thank you every one out there xxx
  6. I learnt many years ago that all correspondance should be copied to someone. So I would write the email outlining your duties and copy it to the person in charge of HR and the HT, and anyone else that it affects. so for example if some of your duties involve the head of sixthform, copy to her aswell. You'd be suprised how this helps to clarify situations.
  7. Thanks for all the advice-will keep it in mind-now just need to be brave enough and outline my duties and send that scary email to HOD and HOsixth
  8. I know it might be difficult, but can I suggest the opposite to minimal contact? If you and your HoD need to work together, and you need clarification of your role and duties, why not insist on a weekly meeting with her? If she agrees, then that is your opportunity to become more informed, and this would be the preferred outcome for you; if she says no, then that would be quite unprofessional of her wouldn't it?
  9. Sorry, in other words, don't send such an important list by e-mail. Arrange a meeting with your HoD to discuss it; make this a regular fixture. That way you will at least be seen to be taking the initiative.
  10. This is good advice but I would also email it to your HoD and HoY and tell them it is so that they can be informed of what you would like to discuss at the weekly meeting. That way, you could send the emails each week with information you regard as important and if you get the proposed meetings, you could email them both with what you considered were the main points of the meeting.
    Documentation is the key to everything in education as I have found out to my advantage.
  11. very good advice-but i just feel too intimidated to say anything-i am emailing everything that i am doing as part of the role and keeping a record, i am also thinking of contacting my union and making them aware of the issue-to tell you the truth i am terrified-it has and is getting to the stage where i am avoiding the HOD as i do not wan t to be shouted at or made to feel stupid
  12. If it has got to the point where your HoD is shouting at you or making you feel stupid, then it is time to take this to a higher authority without delay. Is there a personnel/human resources department there, someone with clout who you can talk to in confidence, and who will respect your wishes? What do you want to achieve by contacting your union? Do you just want someone to talk to, give you advice, to intercede between you and your HoD? Or someone to put a formal process into action?
  13. Perhaps it is time to step back and look at this situation from the outside. what would you tell a friend to do if they came to you saying all of this. How would you advise them to deal with it?
  14. Ok-i know what advice i would give-and that is not to let the other person boss you around or intimidate you-but harder sad then-i thnk with regards to the union would like some advice from the professionals in terms of where i stand legally and what i can do to protect myself
  15. I would see your union sooner rather than later. People will behave themselves far better. You might even consider using the key words - bullying, stress or constructive dismissal. There are expensive legal obligations relating to these terms and schools will treat you with real care. I was having trouble with kids all year and got ignored, but saying'bullying' and 'stress'meant that the school started to pay attemtion and thigns got done.
  16. Everything I have just read here rings true for my current position and I'm not even on TLR. I have a real health issue which I can usually manage very well but now can't sleep and have significant and very apparent weight loss from last few months. There's an insane amount of back stabbing in my school so whilst union being very supportive I'm alarmed by how paranoid I now feel. Is this reasonable grounds to get myself signed off straight away?

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