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HELP!!!!! I am struggling with reception planning!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by andalucia, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. The planning formats I use I got from here:
    it has got some helpful tips on how to ue them. I do a weekly Maths and a weekly Literacy plan usually linked in with other curricular areas in addition to a weekly phonics plan. they are very simple with broard objectives at the top and activities for each day together with who will do which activity ( based on interests and or abilities). More often than not i fill most of it in on a daily basis. I also do separate focus activity plans if I wantTA to do an activity - just so I can put more detail in.
    I do sometimes wonder why I do them though!
  2. Thank you, I have had a look at these. I probably should have also put that I am in reception, so although I cant use all of them I can definately adapt these! Thanks!
    I just dont want to spend more time planning it than i actually spend teaching it, which I am finding with this. Would you differentiate literacy and numeracy activities for all abilities and would you use the profile for goals or the PNS goals?

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