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help. how to find a teaching job in perth australia

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by yasimum, May 28, 2011.

  1. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    http://www.det.wa.edu.au/jobs.asp (an outage on their site until May 30).
    and for registration WA:
    Good luck!
  2. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    PS: Yes you will have to register with WACOT.
  3. jade_dragon

    jade_dragon New commenter


    'The West Australian' is the main paper which advertises job vacancies every Saturday. This is their website:

    You can also register for relief work with Education Dept which requires additional paperwork. It has been a while since I was taught in the system, so things may have improved since my time, but there was always a hiccup and/or inefficiency of some sort (on their end) so the earlier you can start this process, the better.

    You could also try these associations:
    Association of Independent Schools of WA

    Catholic Education of WA

    At a stretch, maybe these association could help you if contacted:

    Curriculum Council (WA)

    Middle Years of Schooling Association

    Art Education Association of WA

    These are the main universities in WA and maybe you could find work as a sessional tutor in their Education Faculty in the meantime? Or some other kind of Education related employment?

    University of WA

    Curtin University

    Murdoch University

    Edith Cowan University

    Notre Dame

    Possibly worth checking out after exhausting all other options?
    Gum Tree

    You will need to register with WACOT and best to get onto this due to the all the paperwork needed and the processing time required. They have a Job Vacancy link on their website too.

    FYI, a new national curriculum is currently being implemented:

    Good luck and enjoy the sunnier climes of Perth - it'll be very different to Scotland!
  4. Hey Jamie,
    Have you moved out yet? I am in the same boat; Scottish trained with 5 years experience, but just completing a contract in Dubai at the moment. Visited Perth a few times and am in love and moving out in August. I think I am going to go on the WHV and then see what happens before I get residency one, as as a primary teacher I can't get at the mo unless I go for the private tutoring option.
    I am hoping I can find some supply work to keep me going for the first few months and then see what the options are really. Going to get all of my paperwork soretd out from January so that I am ready to get started as soon as poss when arrive.
    Any advice would be much appreciated....
  5. Just to let you (and anyone else reading the thread) know, South Australia are sponsoring Primary Teachers still at the moment (ie its on the SMP or SSML (gets called both)), so you can go for the 176 visa on that route, although they are changing the visa system from July 2012 and are going to freeze all visa applications (for the PR visas, I don't think for WHV) from July 2012 until Jan 2013 to work through the back log. Not sure what the situation will be with regards to sponsoring after the changes, but then no-one does I guess :)

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