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Help! How do I type in a PDF file??

Discussion in 'Personal' started by The Pobble, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Or 'select' all of the text and paste it into a Word doc, use the Loupe tool for pictures!
    Save As text will work but lose all formatting! But it will be editable.

  2. And you can reformat.
    I do this everyday of my working life!
    (i.e. save as Word doc, edit, save as pdf, resend).
    I use the write protection option in Word to send internal docs and only allow certain fields to be rewritten (all that stuff on the right side you can choose between as to what to give free and what not). When feedback comes, I then save into pdf format before sending to clients.
    I often receive Excel files from clients, which obviously are protected from being overwritten (as are mine).
    I save a new copy, edit, active file non-rewriting option, then send my version back to the client. We do this many times a day [​IMG]
  3. It's the only way to edit exam papers, so I do a lot of it at certain times of the year.
    Also for re-focusing pdf resources that are generic rather than exam board specific - and that's alot of them!
    Fun isn't it?
  4. Especially when colleagues say "I cannot enter anything into your Excel file. What is your password?"
    I just smile sweetly and repeat: Save your own version, protect it, send it back to me.
  5. I get mullered when I do that!
    For some reason I am expected to leave ALL of my resources open for all to access, change, delete, ruin...... or otherwise reduce to c.rap!
    I use OneNote now... no-one else has figured it out yet!

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