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Help - How do i defrost my freezer?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by snorkellinginthesea, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Ok,
    Being an idiot my freezer (of fridge freezer) is totally frozen so I can't pull out any draws. I have ordered a new one coming tomorrow but need to defrost this one so that they will take it away.

    Please help!

  2. We defrosted our very iced up chest freezer recently. We put the contents in freezer bags and attacked the freezer with window de-icer spray, hairdryer, plastic spatula and towels, An hour, from start to finish. That was the first time we had de-iced the freezer since we moved in seven years ago.
  3. OP, did no-one ever tell you, did you never observe, did you never read the manual, that told you how/when/why to defrost a freezer? I'm genuinely interested.
    How are you with the fluff filter on the tumble dryer? The filter on the washing machine and dishwasher? Have you noticed that hair tends to build up in plugholes?
  4. LOL, Lily, don't be mean! If you have never seen someone else do it, it's probably worth asking before you do the wrong thing.
    Mine is a Beko but not a deathtrap, and because the whole thing is functioning but not quite as it should, I daren't properly defrost it. I just hairdry and chisel!
  5. Thanks all,

    Fridge freezer is now defrosted - it took about an hour with the hairdryer and fish slice. No Lily I stupidly didn't read the manual - thinking it was an automatically defrosting one. It's ok, lesson learned!
  6. impis

    impis New commenter

    I used to take a sledge hammer to mine. Worked a treat!! You had to be careful, mind, not to dent the interior.
  7. My Dad waded in to help out my sister and defrost theirs. He used their metal fish slice. One rather over vigorous attack on a large lump of ice and he slipped. He was fine, but he managed to ram the fish slice through the plastic insides of the freezer.
    One new freezer later......

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