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Help! Have uploaded pop song resources for choirs in audio format but can't load the scores.

Discussion in 'Music' started by JennyMus, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. There have been lots of people asking about some pop songs to do with choirs so I wanted to share a few arrangements i've done for my groups. I've managed to load audio files of the arrangements from when I took my little theatre school group to my recording studio but I can't upload the scores to go with them. Is there anyway to load Sibelius documents onto here? Am I being a technological idiot or am I going to have to go through printing, scanning etc to get them on here?
  2. Great! From in Sibelius, go to File > Export > Scorch Web Page and the file will be saved as a htm file which can be viewed on browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you get prompts when exporting, try ignoring - if that doesn't work, go to File > Score info and type in the required text and exporting should now work.

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