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help - grievance still not settled after 4 months!!!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by What-next, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. What-next

    What-next New commenter

    hi all
    as you can see, the time is now 1:52 am - I cannot sleep at nights as I am constantly thinking of how my career is going down the drain.

    currently a deputy head in a LA school with one year plus service. joined this school with continuous service from another LA school. took out a greviance against headteacher due to workload and unprofessional behaviour and unfair treatment. had been off sick for x3 months but went back to work as being home was making me more worried about the work problem !!! ironic but true. matters are still being investigated. chair if governors not engaging with union-

    union states that new legislation states that I have reduced rights since I am new to this local authority with just over a years length of service. shocking, I think since I have continuos service from previous local authority school. hence can't go to tribunal or claim unfair or constructive dismissal etc

    without giving details too much-now back at work and headteacher has been blanking me - no pleasantries. phased return so teaching in class as opposed to my normal role.
    shocked at how many people are aware that I took out greviance against the head...they have come up and told me they know what is happening! feel no longer any trust there. I want to leave but not sure where to turn!

    asked union to discuss exit /settlement agreement as I am now desperate to leave but I am outside my resignation date. HR pointed our request to chair of gov but as they are not engaging where do we go next?

    this is now getting to my mind and I am not coping I want to leave but u ion advises that just resigning leaves me vulnerable to the head giving poor reference when i move on.
    can anyone advise? feel union not very sharp afterAll.

    disgruntled!!! followed policies but have been failed by it!!! should have taken 10 days with a maximum of 20 but now months!!!! help
  2. MineField

    MineField New commenter

    Supply agencies will take you on with bad references. If you teach a shortage subject, and are happy to do long-term, full-time placements (this is where the demand is - depends on area of country as well), then that's your way back in, if you choose to just leave. Obviously it'll just be classroom teaching, but once you've done a term in a school, hopefully they'll give you good references, and you can start applying for whatever jobs you want again then.

    I'm not saying that leaving with no job to go to is a good idea at all, and even if you did this you'd have to work out your notice - breaching your contract would be very, very bad. Ideally, you'll be able to sort something better out with Head/governors/union etc., but I haven't got a clue how you'd do that.

    The whole thing sounds like a nightmare - hope things work out.
  3. What-next

    What-next New commenter

    Hi minefield
    thanks for such an early response. I have posted in this forum instead of the "governors" forum: would be great if response are posted there instead of here! only just notice it was in the wrong forum so thx much for your response especially about supply teaching and getting reference after a while. sounds promising.....
  4. izzywhizzal

    izzywhizzal Occasional commenter

    Please PM me.
  5. What-next

    What-next New commenter

    I have just PM you. thanks

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