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Help: German smoker not smoking!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tnewrad, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. I've recently purchased a small German smoker, (a very festive St Nicholas) and incense cones. I don't seem to be able to keep the cones lit, is there a special knack to it or are they only supposed to smoke for a short time?

    Many thanks T
  2. The cones shouldn't stay lit. You light them and then blow them out so that the incense burns.
  3. LOL, I thought you meant me [​IMG]
    I think you mean a Räuchermännchen - the wee man with a strange looking mouth?
    To get the incense cones alight you need to get them to glow for a bit - they will then "go out" but still continue to glimmer and produce smoke.
    They don't burn like a candle.
  4. Thanks for your speedy replies, I have the cone glowing and smoking before I put the smoker's top back on but he doesn't smoke for long, it then appears to go out. The Rauchermannchen (sorry English keyboard, no German punctuation) appears to be a genuine German product but I'm not sure about the cones. I'll persevere.
  5. ok *racks brains*
    Are your cones moist or nice and dry?
    Is your Räuchermännchen new? Old ones tend to get a build up (like nicotine) which needs wiping away.
    Is the "airway" blocked? There still may be some bits of sawdust in there - give it a good blow through.
    Is it in a draught?

  6. And it is also a good idea to give the cone a good blow too (ooo err) to get it glimmering really well.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    As the bishop said to the actress.
  8. Thanks CQ, I think it's the cones, I tried to keep one alight out of the smoker and again it's gone out. Oh dear another trip to the shops, and there was me thinking I'ld finished my shopping.
  9. Don't throw them away - put them somewhere to dry out.
    That will take a wee while though - so yes, you may need a trip to the town.
    Are you sure there is no draught?
    If your are buying some new ones - don't go for the cheapest ones. It is worth paying a bit more - they last a lot longer.

  10. btw - it is supposed to go out.
    You light it - it will flame. Then you let it burn for a bit until it is nice and glowing. Then it will go out or you blow it out.
    It then is supposed to smoulder.
    Try fanning it a bit.

  11. Light it. Wait for it to glow orange. Blow out the flame and leave to smoke.
  12. Many thanks for your help, purchased genuine German cones and now enjoying the smell of mulled wine...Merry Christmas.
  13. You've just made me go light mine now! Merry Christmas!
  14. Mine is lit as well.
    The house smells of cinnamon [​IMG]
  15. And Frohes Fest! [​IMG]
  16. Mum has just made Vanillekipferl. Yum [​IMG]
    I would share them, but I'm sure they don't travel well.
  17. Yummy. I love Vanillekipferl.
    Sadly, I don't have any - but I have a plate of Spritzgebäck in front of me.
  18. They're very nice too. You're just reminded me, I've got one of those handheld doodas, with the various fittings to make Spritzgebaeck. When the Kipferl are gone, (which won't be long) I'll hunt it out.


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