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help for struggling friend

Discussion in 'Primary' started by alphabite, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. alphabite

    alphabite New commenter

    My friend phoned me tonight in floods of tears which is horrible. Basically she is working in a school in special measures which is in real trouble. Things aren't looking good. From what she has said it seems to be coming down to teaching and learning and they are getting it in the neck from everyone: head, deputy, Ofsted, advisors, LA etc. She is getting observed next week by head and some LA person in literacy and she will be starting instructions. She teaches a low ability year 1 class. She needs to show a series of progressive lesson planning for instructions as well as teach a an observed lesson on Tuesday. She has lost all her confidence and she has no idea where to even start now. Does anyone have any inspiring instruction lesson ideas that would also show good progress. I have explained how I would sequence the 2 week block but I am lacking inspiration as I'm not very well at the moment and not really able to help her as much as I'd like. Thanks for any help. I am really worried about her.
  2. You can't do it for her though, otherwise there will be two of you like it. I've not done KS1/FS but I'd suggest she starts to think about conxtext first, what can the children already do that have instructions? She needs to be clear on her what she wants at the end of the week / topic and build towards it. Perhaps another lesson, such as cooking, can be used to help explain instructions. Hopefully someone else can give you better answers.
  3. Hi alphabite,
    I am happy to help your friend. Send me her email address and I will share my planning with her and answer any questions she might have. My instructions lesson was observed before half term and it went pretty well. :)
  4. alphabite

    alphabite New commenter

    Thanks very much. Thats lovely of you. Her email is

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