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Help for RFU investigation

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by bigpedro, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Speaking as a non-PE specialist and the only staff member (out of about 130) who is interested in coaching any rugby in our school. I'm not sure you'll ever be able to put a package together that will be well recieved.

    The only way you'll ever be able to make rugby appealing to girls in school is to find....
    a. PE teachers that actually enjoy rugby (our dep't is nicknamed football focus)
    b. female members of staff who can be ***** either doing the coaching or supervising a session put on by male staff (male member of staff will also have to be comfortable with teaching a CONTACT SPORT to females)
    c. school managment prepared to take the (percieved) risk of having a girls team
    d. enough schools that have a girls team to enable matches to be played (children won't do a sport if theres no point, opposition gives them a point)
    e. 15 or so girls that are prepared to get a bit muddy and run around a bit (looking at the girls we have who'd rather stand afound shivering with their hands up their sleeves than run around to play netball I'd say these were rare)
    My views are from a secondary where we struggle to field a male first XV (out of a 1300 pupil cohort) Primary may be different.
    I'll gladly fill in your questionnaire but unless these are some of the questions in it, I believe you're falling at the first.

    Some will probably say this is very negative, but sometimes reality is.


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