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Help for interview

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by leeky, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. leeky

    leeky New commenter

    I have an interview and I have been asked to prepare a 25 minutes lesson for a Y7 group on "French in the News". I am finding this a little bit ambiguous. Has anybody got any good ideas? Thank you so much.
  2. Vladimir

    Vladimir Senior commenter

    Belgium has been in 'the news' recently.

    What an odd brief! If you go to the 'interview' and part of it is led by pupils you might be teaching, walk out!
  3. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    Tough topic for a year 7 group.!! Euro 2016 will be in France, so security issues for this event are in the news at the moment ! Lots of good Euro 2016 football resources about on Lightbulb languages site, or on this site, if you look carefully. They might help you to create and interesting and challenging lesson,or not ! . As you say, a rather ambiguous topic set by the school. Good luck !
  4. Vladimir

    Vladimir Senior commenter

    Well done that woman! There you go, leeky, you've got your link to the news and France through football so do a quickie lesson on sports and 'I like' which is a piece of cake. As long as you introduce your quickie by illiciting a response about Euro 2016, you've got the link and the added bonus of (supposedly) engaging the boys. It's a gift!
  5. mpillette

    mpillette New commenter

    The brief you have been given means that you don’t need to know what topics/grammar pupils have learnt so far, and this gives you a lot of freedom. The school may be after skills development (as opposed to ‘delivering’ content) and may wish to see how you can get pupils to interact with authentic & cultural resources – as per the current agenda – from an early stage.

    For a 25mn lesson, it would probably be best to focus on few news items, e.g. introduce 5-6 for an initial activity, then concentrate on one.

    You could use resources which contain enough visuals/cognates to guarantee a degree of understanding, and focus your activities on building pupils’ confidence at interacting with authentic resources (as opposed to teaching new vocab./grammar or expecting pupils to understand every word). Explain to pupils that they are going to be language detectives.

    You could use magazine covers… film posters… adverts… (web). Short news articles/article intros too – e.g. check out http://www.1jour1actu.com/ -> Les infos animées -> France.

    You could also use a few photos re. a recent news item and tell pupils about it using cognates (French is full of them), pointing at things on the photos, using intonation, facial expression etc. to aid understanding. I always find that young pupils are amazed at how much they can understand – way beyond the bits of language they have actually learn. Great for motivation & confidence building.

    Good luck!

  6. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    Sorry my contribution was so rubbish,I was waiting for other contributors to pile in with loads of suggestions, as they used to in the good old days on this forum . As they did not ,I thought I would try to help in my bumbling way. Go with mpillette`s suggestions , she is obviously much more au fait with the current agenda in language teaching than I am.Thank God I am retired xxx

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