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Help for experiments for science open evening

Discussion in 'Science' started by blazer, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    First time we tried them. We watched the RSC video on how to make them. In the vid the rocket went off with a 'Futtt' sound. So we made one and bfore school started set it up horizontally in a corridor. We lit it and BANG! staff came running from all parts of the school to find two science teachers rolling on the floor in fits of laughter witha small plastic bottle rolling around at the other end of the corridor. That was the moment we realised that it would have to happen outside. On the day we launched about 10 of these things one after the other. It sounded like Beiruit on a busy day.
  2. We were like that too - I had seen a demo on a science learning centre course so showed the dept when I got back. the tech and I practised first and were like kids at christmas giggling to ourselves each time we lit one! When we showed the dept we must have made one pretty spot on for the stoichometric mix and that certainly brought staff running wondering what had happened!

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