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Help for a parent regarding gcse result

Discussion in 'Science' started by susiecm3, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I am sat here completely gutted and got knows how she is feeling, my daughter just got her results and got an E, In October she was estimated a B, she has sat them in year 10 but has already done one resit so she does not know what she has to do now, science is one of her best subjects and she has always loved it, I know there have been a few class problems and some shuffling has been done, but nothing has been mentioned to me regarding her struggling or anything and I always attend parents evening etc!

    I am at a loss as what to say to her, I have left a message to speak to her teacher but I am not sure what i even want to say!!
  2. You need to ask why you were not informed of her underacievement. A value added of -3 (difference between B and E) should have been picked up and heavy intervention put into place. At the very least you should have been made aware of the probability that your daughter was going to underachieve so poorly.
    By the sounds of it she has sat a single award GCSE in year 10 and will do a 2nd GCSE in year 11. You need to find out exactly what GCSE course she is doing and what the E grade was made up from. If you do this them people on this forum will be able to support you.

  3. Not straight away, but the school can get a copy of her mark ore question and answer script. If she did a multiple choice is it possible she made a mistake and answered the wrong questions in the wrong places? Or they just confused her? Did she do some past papers?
  4. This will cost a fair bit however and you will need to ask for it very quickly, you have something like a window to request a copy from the results being recieved.

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