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Help finding a job/CV

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by tomkersey, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. I qualified in 2010 as a teacher and have been working as a long term supply teacher in a challenging school in south east london. I have had lots of experience over the last 8 months from working here to add to my cv but havent even had an interview this year even though i must have applied for over 30. Any tips to help with my CV?
  2. Unfortunately its just the current climate. There'll be loads of people who are in the same boat and thats the problem. I was until 6 weeks ago. Its never been more difficult than today to get that 1st PE job (especially for males).
    My advice is to visit the school before you apply, tailor your application so they know you've done some research, try to get as many coaching badges as poss (not easy as their so bloody expensive).
    From what I gathered a lot of it is to do with who you know not what you know these days. Try to get yourself noticed in the area you are applying. A simple name drop could make all the difference.
    Jobs will start to come out from October I reckon, only a few months away.

    Good luck.

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