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help-DT outstanding lessons! how?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by tech381, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. i have gone from good to satisfactory using the same lesson,same lesson plan, same year but a different group!!!! can anyone shed any light on how to get an outstanding in DT,especially rm or ***/des?
    my HOD insists all her lessons are outstanding,when i ask for guidance it doesnt make sense and is little help.i have searched for hours tonight looking for a simple checklist to tick off when i am planning my next lesson ob.i have read the ofsted criteria but it is so objective.
    i have also looked for outstanding lessons in d and t and cannot find anything,a link to a video would be ideal.
    at the minute i am so confused and dont have a clue of what is a good lesson anymore.
    any help will be appreciated,i am the only rm/*** des teacher in the school,so it is hard to share info ideas etc

    my school has a judgement on new technolgies on the lesson ob assessment form,does anyone else have this?
    thanks in advance
  2. This is getting worse in teaching, you are more concerned with getting an 'outstanding' than teaching the content required. What is wrong with 'satisfactory'? (this is not a critisism of you, but the system).

    Anyway, first thing. Ask to observe your HofF, fill in all the forms and give her your feedback. Then get her to comment on what made it 'outstanding'.

    Many of your lessons will be part of a series, this could be a 12 lesson project. As soon as someone walks into a lesson, stop the group and ask a pupil to explain in 60 seconds exactly what they are currently doing. Then ask another pupil to explain what they did in the last couple of lessons. Finally another pupil should give the overall view of the project. This should take only a couple of minutes and everyone should again get on. Shows the visitor what the pupils know and have been taught.

    Do you use Must, could, should. If you don't, write it on the board for all to see. Very easy.
    Must Work safely
    Should Complete the soldering task
    Could Assemble the case
    (I have the words stuck to the whiteboard so I never forget to put something in).

    New technologies. Do you have a projector? I have lots of resources on the computer and regularly project these for pupils to look at. I use sound for timing, a few old computers which are in the room and networked, a vinyl cutter is also available when required.

    Lesson observation is objective. What was good last year is satisfactory this year. You should look and see; Are the pupils enjoying what they are doing? Are they working safely? Are they learning and actively engaged? Do they take home what they have made? Can they explain what they are doing and why they are doing it? If you answer yes to these you should be pleased with your lessons whatever mark they are given. Even if you get 'outstanding' you will still be asked to improve further, think about the kids and not worrying about how it is perceived.

  3. Lesson observations are very subjective. I have seen a paired observation that could have been describing two different lessons! That said, I have also witnessed the same lesson taught to two different groups, one was good, the other not so. Maybe it didn't come down to the lesson content, but the delivery or learning that took place with the other group.
    Do you revisit your learning objectives throughout the lesson to check learning is taking place? Do you use peer assessment? Do you have your objectives displayed at all time? Do you use a plenary or mini plenary between episodes?
  4. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Your HOD is "outstanding" every lesson.....? says who......her?
    I am a fantastic singer until someone hears me!!!
    Furthermore, one should be able to demonstrate "outstanding" practice when going for threshold payment, outstanding teacher status or advanced skills teachers status. I have all three and trust me not all of my lessons are "outstanding" day in day out. And if you are not going for any of these payments or standings then are you actually paid to be outstanding? If you are a couple of years in then satisfactory for now would be fine moving to good. Outstanding has got to be the most over used word in teaching right now.....that and pension. If your HOD is outstanding then I am sure she could articulate what outstanding is!!
  5. does the checklist i am after exist? i have spent all weekend researching outstanding lessons and how to get them.my head now hurts!!!!!!
    my hod is quiet when it comes to sharing info regarding lesson observations,the comments after my lesson observation didnt make sense and when i got the form back these were the opposite to what she said. she maybe being too hard,but just for peace of mind i would like to know how to get each judgement,maybe with examples linked to DT.
    if anyone has any info i would be so greatful and i would be able to sleep again!!!!
  6. I do sympathise
    My tip would be to video your next observed lesson (it could be gruelling!)- , demand another lesson ob straight away if you can bear it, take the initiative, you then have hard evidence to fall back on and discuss with your observer and others; and any blatant discrepencies in subjective remembering and judgements can be squashed straightaway. I daresay you should inform all involved parties re. the filming.
    Most observers have an agenda, hidden or otherwise, and have probably made their mind up beforehand and are merely searching to confirm and justify their mindset. They are also covering their backs and will have no qualms in bigging themselves up and empire building at others' expense, especially in today's climate.
    Definately observe the observer teach - and video - they are paid to model good practice. Keep them busy as well - they might back off a bit then.
    You are probably a lot better than you realise.
    Good luck
  7. It's all about measuring the progress they have made in that lesson, that's what we're measured on. Then there's personalisation and differentiation. The objectives and outcomes need to be clear, achievable and measurable. A good one to put on your lesson is how you have catered for low achieving boys, Ofsted are likely to ask how you've addressed this. Put objectives and outcomes on every resource, be it your instructions on the board or their worksheet, make it obvious to the pupils and the person observing you.
    Hope that helps :)
  8. I think you are starting to put too much pressure on yourself now. You got a satisfactory, not an unsatisfactory. If the pupils achieved the learning objectives and it was a good lesson, you didn't fail, so ease up on yourself.
  9. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    I'd have to agree with Thunderchild.
    And you've got until you're 68 to be outstanding!!![​IMG]
  10. if you email me I have a list we were given by our school regarding an outstanding lesson and what should be happening, it's not specific to D&T but may be of use.

  11. i am still looking for ways to improve,i know i am not a 3! about 60% of our place are getting 1's im wondering what they know that i dont.that is why i am asking for help or a checklist. its very dog eat dog and people arent willing to help.
    has anyone seen a video of an outstanding dt lesson,ive looked on teachers tv and youtube but cant find one.
  12. We have just been ofsted'ed. They saw 40% of my dept lessons, did not want to see the lesson plan and didnt even chat with myself - HOD, let alone see my lesson. One member of the dept was sat at the PC going through criteria that he had set for the pupils to use for peer assessment and he was told at the end 'in his feedback' that he was heading for an unsatisfactory but managed to pull it back when he started wandering around the room. A lot of this is SLT panicking about OFSTED. Look at your results and how a particular pupil does with you compared to other subjects. You know in your heart how your lessons go....Checklists only work if you follow a formula. No DT lesson should really do that- how can one class do the same as another when they are all different pupils of different abilities with different learning styles producing different outcomes?
  13. so the person at the pc got a 3? i got this and i covered evrything my hod had done in their lesson,i know this because i saw her stuff. maybe i will never be a 1,im over that now.but i would like to get resources etc to help me improve.surely if we are being assessed we need to know what we are being assessed on and how to improve. in my room i have levels,breakdown of levels,breakdown of levels in kids speak and checklists upon checklist. i am quite shocked though at the lack of resoucres available to help teachers improve lesson observation grades!

    thanks everyone who have commented so far.
  14. I am disappointed that as part of the feedback process you have not been given clear guidelines to help you improve, makes you wonder if it isn't happening with the adults is it happeneing with the students?
    You can have a million & one resources in & around the room BUT it is how they are used by you and the students in that lesson which is important. All Students need to make progression in the lesson to be able to get outstanding.
    On our feedback sheets we are shown by highlights the statements that apply to that lesson & what we need(ed) to do to get into the outstanding column

  15. I'm sure they look good but do they help pupils learn? I'm not a fan myself, a good lesson comes from good teaching, not from posters and box ticking exercises.
  16. do you have a copy of the feedback sheets you use? if we had anything explaining how or what to do for each rating it would be so helpful.the feedback was more of a slating than a positive experience and no real positive feedback was given.
    how do you show the progression in your lessons?

  17. you miss my point,if a child in my room wants to progress they know exactly what to do,today i had a boy working at 3c come to me and say im going to do thiss because then i will get a 3a,that was after looking at one of my level sheets. i would like to be able to look at info see a description of satisfactory an d know exactly what to do to progress.
    as for good teaching,that is left to the observers opinion and if you get stuck with someone who thinks their way is the best way,you will never be good or graded as good.if i had more info i would be able to say i think it is.... because.....
  18. That's the point you have to keep telling yourself. We had ofsted in back in March, I had a solid good, school slipped in to satisfactory. Since they SLT are observing loads with loads of satisfactories given to fall in line with the opinion of the ofsted grading on teaching and learning. I have had the head observe 3 of my lessons with minimal support between and the last one on the last week of term. I have been teaching for 15 years and never felt this rubbish about the system. All lessons/subjects are so different, common themes run through and are visable but we need support and direction, not just a grade.
  19. Hello tech 381,
    You don't say who it is that has graded you as satisfactory, eg was it the 'outstanding' head of faculty?
    I am actually quite shocked by your comments because if the observer is your HOF then part of their role is to observe and give constructive criticism to help you improve your teaching.
    Does your faculty have an SLT link person? If so come and ask them to observe you, they will know less about the subject content but will look at you teaching style and should suggest improvements. You could be honest and say why you want the observation, tell them you would like feedback that will help you improve. Lesson observations are objective, but looking at the latest Ofsted criteria I disagree that it is harder to get a good or outstanding and that all lesson gradings have moved down the scale by one level. I seem to remember one of the criteria for outstanding relates to the resilience of the students and how they cope with problems. This is probably the most unpredictable area of the criteria especially in D and T.
    Remember that many observers are inexperienced in grading lessons esp using the new criteria. I have observed many lessons on my own and with others, including both the head teacher and the deputy head at my school (who is our SLT link) and my HoF interestingly I have come to the same grade conclusions with all of them, so I do feel that if I am observing on my own I get it right, but having said that when I observed one with my head he did change some of his gradings of each area when I pointed some things out.
    I had an observation by an inexperienced PE teacher who is very nice but she can not sew, did not do D and T GCSE and has only observed three lessons before. she was judging my teaching of an A'level class for our faculty review... She ticked every part of the outstanding criteria except two and judged my lesson as Good with many many outstanding features. Her explanation for why it wasn't outstanding was that one of the students had lacked confidence when trying out a new technique on her own! She also said she loved my monitoring systems and progress charts as well as my feedback processes and ways of measuring how well the students were doing, as she had never thought of using such systems. She admitted she knew nothing about the subject but assumed that everything i told them was correct.
    I have had many lessons judged as outstanding by members of SLT. And two judged as Good with outstanding features by Ofsted. I seem to have somehow acquired the 'tag' of being an outstanding teacher. Do I think i am? No I think I am a teacher who puts effort into the preparation and then just walks in and teaches. I don't actually think about the criteria while I am teaching I am too busy, oh and I rarely do starters and almost never do plenaries, whether I am being observed or not.
    I think you have to have belief in yourself, do the students enjoy your lessons, do they get something out it, can they do things with a greater level of independence by the end of the rotation? There is not a lot more that you can expect is there?
  20. can you let me know what your monitoring systems,progress charts and feed back process are please?
    if you have been graded a 1 how did you do this?
    how did you show or prove progression?

    many thanks,your message has helped a lot

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