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Help - difficulty with child's behaviour

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Ruthie66, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    Has anything changed recently, at home or at school? if there is some sort of disruption somewhere in the child's life they could be reacting to that. Has he always had difficulties which have got worse or is this all new?
  2. This has been happening all year. We have been through the TAC process, there has been a lot of involvement with other services but nothing has been 'diagnosed' or outside help given. A nearby specialist behaviour unit is sending an LSA in 2 weeks to work with him in the mornings after an observation. I just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar or had any ideas in the meantime...
  3. I work with ten pupils with MLD/ SLD. Lotws of themn have ended up in special education because of their behaviour. I have had lots of success with using the 'let's make a deal' idea which is taught specifically for pupils with ASD even though many of the children I teach don't have an ASD diagnosis.
    Basically It is a piece of laminated card with 'I am working for... ' written at the top with space for a laminated picture of what they want to work for (give them a choice of a few things each time). Then they have to save up tokens (start off with 2 then build up to say 4). The child should get tokens for really small things, say every colule of minuites for behaving appropriately, which you can start to build up so they are working for say 5 mins for each token, 20mins total.

    In my experience sanctions don't work The child just thinks, well I'm scuppered now I might as well do x y and z.

    It is easier in an SEN school though and even harder if you don't have a TA with the child. Anyway hope this goes somway to help?

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