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Help - child development GCSE

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by mazza74, May 14, 2006.

  1. I have a lot of resources for OCR child development which I can send you if you want. The students do 2 rsource tasks. I'll send you the ones I've used if you like. The individual task should take about 6 months to complete because it involves observing a child over a period of time. Obviously they don't spend all this time doing the coursework. Let me know if you want any help. Good luck its a fund subject to teach. And yes I was a DT teacher when I started

  2. i would love to look, please send it to sashadimmock@hotmail.com

    Im currently trying to set up the course and would be greatful of any help
  3. can I have a copy of the resources too.

    I have just put some resources in the bank for feeding and bathing a newborn. I am finding it so hard to find any resources for OCR gcse child development, it is a nightmare.

  4. Hi I hope I can help. I've taught Child dev for three years now and would love to network and give you some ideas and resources if it would be of use to you. This course is not the easy option that some people think and you need to get these kids thinking about the child that they are going to study already.Send a contact address and I'll do what I can to help. I'm currently marking my yr 11 child studies for moderation next month.
  5. um...are HLTA's MEANT to be teaching classes......
  6. do parents know? Ofsted?????

    sorry - has to be said - don't take it personally...and if they HAVE authorised this while I wasn't looking.... I would believe it but it would still be wrong.
  7. Yes, I agree with posters on here, what qualifies a DT teacher to teach childcare and development is that DT (or D&C and D&R as my school called them) that they come under the same category of optional subjects at school-home economics! At least, they did when I did GCSE Childcare at school (1991-2) anyway! Also, as common practice in so many schools and colleges nowadays, the other qualification is the fact that your either new or have 'free hours' available, regardless of whether you're qualified or not! If the school/college says do it, then you're qualified in terms of 'you'll do' in their eyes. I agree that this policy should be changed but in the mean time, this person needs more constructive advice to do as good a job as possible, instead of finger pointing from us!

    OK, I did GCSE childcare with NEAB (now AQA B, I believe) and remember the following:

    1. Recommended book-Pamela Minnette

    2. Stuff for coursework included:

    a) A story book for children helping them to develop a particular skill, such as counting. I designed a counting book using rhyme.

    b) A guide for pregnant women or women wanting to become pregnant etc with stuff like, foetal development, nutrition advice, clothes advice for them, layette for babies etc

    c) A visit to a childcare setting. E.g. A nursery

    d) A series of weekly observations (5/6) of a particular child over a period of time (6 weeks, I beleive) and reporting this in terms of the different areas of development-physical, emotional, play etc.

    Lessons just consisted of making notes from the textbooks and handouts, answering questions and getting them marked and returned to us.

    Sorry this isn't much, but hope it helps!


  8. Apologies for the SPG errors in my last post! The downside of typing quickly! I must learn to use the preview message option! ;-)
  9. sympa

    sympa New commenter

    Hiya, don't know if you are still on here. But I have my NQT
  10. sympa

    sympa New commenter

    Sorry never finished message. I have NQT year teaching Spanish and Child Development. Teacher who has left did, so the job was the same. I have never taught Child Development before, but will be mostly by myself teaching years 10 and 11. No other child dev teacher in school, so I will be on my own.
    I noticed that a few people offered some lesson resources, SOW etc. Wondered if you would still be able to send them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. can I join any network you have? I have taught child dev GCSE OCR for the last 10 years. I had to do it in my NQT year- am DT trained. I actually really enjoy teaching it- and have lots of resources that I will share . Hope I can be of some use.
  12. What exam board are you using Sympa? i'm a scientist who is now in charge of the child dev and H &SC courses and have made quite a few resources myself after the department was left in a bit of a mess by the person before!! one website to start off with might be www.helenhudspith.com there are loads of resources on there in the H&SC section that are suitable for child dev. i'm doing the new OCR course with my Yr 10's and finishing the old OCR spec with my yr 11's so if there's anything i can help with those drop me an email at vikkiorton@hotmail.com
  13. sympa

    sympa New commenter

    Yes, same finishing old OCR spec with year 11. There is another NQT I think she is science doing the year 10's, and she will be using the new spec.
    I will definitely drop you an email you can be sure of that. I am certainly going to need the help.
    I am looking forward to it, it is just a bit daunting!
  14. Hi
    I know you put this message on here over a year ago, but I was wondering whether you still teach GCSE Child D? I m an NQT Food Tech teacher and have been asked to teach Child D too. Although I find some of it quite easy, I am struggling with the controlled assessments, particularly the individual study. Do you have any resources to help me.



  15. hi i know this is very cheeky but its worth a go to help me out! anyone that has been offering child development resources i would be really grateful of some! im teaching health and social care( ocr unit 27) skills to care for a baby
    if anyone has any resources that might help my email is emagregory19@hotmail.com
    thanks in advance

    im a business and ict teacher if i can help anyone with resources for those subjects i will!!

    thanks ema
  16. I will be teaching Child Development from Sept as a non specialist and would really appreciate seeing a sow..
    thank you
  17. I have submitted some resources on line for Child Study, I will put some more on, is anyone here teaching AQA Child Development in one year if you are please let me know how you are getting on as I have this mammot task and the students just cannot cope in studying this subject in one year. I have a class of thre years combined, yr9, 10 and 11
  18. check on line I have posted some will continue to add more as soon as time permit, I am now doing the child study this one you will need help, you can also go on AQA website and you will find samples to use
  19. Hi,

    I have recently taken over Child Dev and have no previous scheme of work or resources to go on. I am about to start the child study and could do with any help from any one willing to give. I am doing AQA spec.

    Thanks in advance - jumppcj1 i have looked at and used some of your resources already they are a MASSIVE help!


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