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Help!! Calling any reception teacher to help a struggling nursery practitioner

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by thumbshrew, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Use the EYFS guidance. Children are taught through EYFS until the end of reception. Get hold of the foundation stage profile, as she will need to be assessed using this at the end of the reception year. By that time she should have been allocated a place. The LA should provide school places for all children aged 5 so she should have a place by the time she reaches her 5th birthday. Can' t help wondering- is the full stop key not working on your keyboard?
  2. I'm a reception teacher and we use the EYFS guidance (level 40 - 60 months) for all of our learning objectives so have a look at that, it gives some good ideas for activities as well. I tend to find that children can fall behind in their phonics (and therefore their writing and reading), so I would try to start her on "Letters and Sounds" Phase 2 as thats what we start in reception in september, by Jan most of the children will be on phase 3, by april most on phase 4, etc.
    Hope that helps. Ask away if you would like anything more.
  3. we use the summative assessment profile with the 1-3 level scale points at the end and send it off to schools in july but hers is still in the nursery and the scale points at the end have not been filled in due to her not going to school or are you talking about something completely different ??

    She has a place just not at a school the parents would send her to and is on waiting lists for 4 primary schools what is going to happen if she still does not have a place in September will she be forced to accept the place in the school described above?? ive never had this happen before so i am no idea what happens and the la are not being at all helpful

    We are doing all the activities we can think of that will stretch her learning as she is a very clever girl and would excell at school without a doubt but i dont want her to fall behind
  4. A few commas wouldn't have gone amiss, either! Although you could argue that it adds to the effect of a frustrated cry for help; must be an awful situation.
  5. Are you in Nottingham by any chance, sounds a very similar story to my daughter's. My granddaughter is being home schooled at present but what on earth happens in September?

  6. Does your
    "summative assessment profile" have a total of 9 points available in
    each area of learning? but you use the first three only for Nursery? If it is
    then yes, you can carry on using this throughout the rest of her stay at your
    <font size="2">In school we use "E-Profile" in school to assess
    children's levels and it has scale points 1-9. We tend to expect that when they
    reach us at age for that some of the 1-3 points are filled in for the 6 areas
    of learning so it sounds like the same thing. </font>
    <font size="2">If you send me your email I can send you a copy of the sheet (from
    E-Profile) we use to assess their learning, which has scale points 1-9 in all 6
    areas of learning, what I do is highlight when they have achieved this point
    and date it ( assessing mainly through observations and independent work). </font>
    <font size="2">In terms of the schools, I would think (but only my opinion) that
    if she does not have a place in September she will have to either go to the
    school she has been allocated or be home schooled if there is no other option.
    Just as a sneaky hint to the parents - if one appeal doesn't work, try again
    and appeal once more, because I've heard that most get accepted the second
    time. (but again that&rsquo;s only hearsay..) </font>
  7. This is the EYFS practice guidance:https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/eOrderingDownload/eyfs_practiceguid_0026608.pdf This is the EYFS profile:http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/a/assessment%20scales%20reference%20sheet.pdfAs she is bright I would expect her to be working within the 40 to 60+ months age band in the guidance. It gives lots of ideas for activities.This is Letter and Sounds:https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/publicationDetail/Page1/DFES-00281-2007.My apologies that the links don't work automatically. Copy and paste them into your browser.
  8. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Also, it's 'should have' not 'should of'.
  9. Why not just say 'sorry you are obviously not a teacher so please go away...'

    Ok - so not the easiest post to read - but they are aksing for help/advise, not asking for their work to be marked!
  10. Are teachers the only people who use punctuation? I'm sure the original poster can use punctuation, and it would be a help if she did.

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