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HELP! BTEC Unit 17 - Training in the workplace.

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by megerton, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any material for this Unit? I have a SOW but no material to work with. Unit 17 is not in either text book for the course,
    Any help pathetically adn gratefully received.
  2. Folks
    I am in the same boat! If anyone has anything they could share on Unit 17 I would appreciate it.
  3. <font size="2">Hi - I'm starting this unit next week. I'm going to use ASDA for the first few criteria, then I will let them choose a business they know - part time job or family business etc for the design and plan training activities part. I'm not sure yet what to do for the last P and M </font><font size="2">I'm not sure about D2 Evaluate the planning, design and delivery of a training programme. I am relating it to P3/M3 where they have to plan suitable training activities and explain the importance of factors to be considered when planning training etc. My question is they evaluating the programme that they themselves have designed? In this case should they have delivered the training in some way? Or, are they evaluating another business's training programme design and delivery? Any suggestions gratefully received!</font>
  4. Hi Can you please email me via TES your SOW and any other resources, you have used to deliver this unit?

  5. Sparky17

    Sparky17 New commenter

    Just about to start teaching unit 17 for the first time and wondered if anyone has assignment briefs and SOW that they are happy to share with me. Thanks.
    angiereese likes this.
  6. angiereese

    angiereese New commenter

    I too am I. Same bait and a new teacher so feeling quite anxious. I start teaching this next week so would be very grateful for SOW/ any resources..... Thanks in advance
  7. lmmutch

    lmmutch New commenter

    Hi same here, I have just been given this unit and I am a new tutor/assessor. Any information (assignment briefs/SOW/LPs) would help a great deal.

    Thanking you in advance !!

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