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HELP!! BTEC Level 3 Unit 2

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by markxtc123, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. You do not have to install an operating system. P2 requires the student to "Explain the purpose of an operating system", M1 requires the student to "Compare the features of different operating systems" Neither requires the student to actually install an operating system.
    Likewise you do not have to install application software and security software. P3 only requires the student to "Explain the purposes of different software utilities"
    OK that's the good news, now for the not so good news. The student IS required to set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components for P5. They are also required to configure a computer system for P6, test the system for P7 and undertake routine maintainance for P8. If you only have one standalone computer and 20 students your Centre is probably not properly equipped to deliver this course.
    We have 10 old, redundant computer base units and pair our students up. The computers are stripped down to component parts. One student in each pair then builds the computer, whilst the other videos him/her doing this. They then strip the computer down, swap roles and repeat. This covers the installing hardware components. The hard drives from these computers are already formatted and loaded with Windows.
    Once the build fun is over each student then installs AVG and Libre Office onto their computer, using CamStudio to provide evidence. They also use CamStudio to provide evidence of configuring the computer for a left handed user. They set up a limited user account, configure the mouse, the background image and create a set of data folders(P6). They produce test sheets and then use those sheets to test the computers (P7). Finally they physically clean all the dust from the inside of the computer, organise a large collection of miscellaneous files, update and run AVG and defrag the hard drive (P8)
    I realise that you may struggle to do all of this with just one stand alone PC but I thought it might help to see what is required for some parts of this unit.
  2. Thanks Mark, i've managed to get 10 old machines so in a much better position.

    A word of warning - The SSV (Gareth Byrne i beleive) says that students cannot be provided with hard drives with an OS already installed and they must install the OS themselves
  3. I would ask him what criteria installing an OS comes under. No-where in the brief for this unit does it require it. It does not even call for a full system to be built. Just to install one piece of hardware and one piece of software.

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