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HELP BTEC level 2/3 Art and Design - Think I have messed up BIG time

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by staceyjane21, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. staceyjane21

    staceyjane21 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am in my 2nd year of teaching and in my NQT year took on a BTEC level 2 diploma group by myself, write my own breifs, assessed work and never even realised these were meant to be IV'd until failrly recently when a new IV took over and asked to see all of my briefs and said these were unfit. Im now so scared I have not allowed all students to meet the grading criteria fully in units studied in their first year, I have not had any training on BTEC.

    I also have 3 units left to cover before the deadline in April, and I am totally terrified that I will not get this done. These units are 4,6 and 3

    I have also just taken the OSCA 2 qualification and found this so difficult, I am wondering what happens if I fail will they ask for samples from level 2 or 3? which level? and how many has anone been through process before?

    I am so scared il make such a mess of the course I will get dismissed.
  2. staceyjane21

    staceyjane21 New commenter

    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry I didnt mention there is no HoD as its an academy with flatline management, their is a director of learning that oversees arts, music, sport, geography and history.

    I am going to spend the whole weekend planning a prescriptive action plan for what I am doing with each group, I have alread communicated deadlines to most and they know im a nagger and will have calenders up and all sorts!

    I have had little training, was provided with example documents last year by previous teachers which took me a while to understand and now since found out these are not exactly the best!

    I have had nobody reall sample my work or marking either, so just sort of done my best with everything in hope it is right

  3. southerngirlupnorth

    southerngirlupnorth New commenter

    Hi, first of all don't worry, its not your fault. BTEC is a pain (but a good course if delivered correctly) as there are so many hoops to jump through re paperwork. Most mistakes are easily rectified. Some questions:
    Why are the briefs unfit? You should have had feedback. Unit 1 is cumulative, as are units 2 and 3. Its very hard to fail any of these as they are "art, craft and design" i.e artists, influences, 2D and 3D. Most students should have passed anyway regardless of briefs set.
    Which optional units did you do? The tactical ones like unit 13 are quite easy to pass compared to some of the other more specialist ones.
    Why level2/3? If you are delivering level 2 Diploma you don't have to worry about any level 3 grades. You CAN use some level 3 grades in a level 2 but to someone without any training this just confuses things.
    Unit 4 is a 10 credit unit. They need to start this ASAP. Unit 6 is working in art industries, I have personally found it a pain but other schools who have bought in resources (and have money and working computers) found it a breeze. Ask more if you need to. Unit 3 is 3D, it should not be delivered as a seperate unit but shoud be a cumulative unit. I did a very quick shells based project where they made several maquettes using different media and some furniture designs based on Christine Constants work. Took about 5 weeks but you get enough to pass. We followed it with a project based on land art that also became optional unit 18 (site specific) which allowed students to get a higher grade. You DONT deliver all units as seperate briefs so they might have enough to pass unit 1,2 and 3 anyway.
    Have you done unit 5?maybe best left to end of course as it is the portfolio unit...
    Have you got the pack with the spec and disc? If so read the assessment guidelines NOT (or as well as) the marksheets, they are much more comprehensive and really give a good idea about what the students need to do.
    If you have had no training you need to see the person in charge of vocational and voice your concerns. You can't be dismissed for not understanding a course that you have had no training in. There has been very little Btec training, this should improve with the new qualifications delivered from 2012 but it is an issue that has been brought up before.
    Ask any questions, I'm around tonight but then not back until early next week.

  4. Hi Stacey Jane,
    Stay calm, there are lots of A&D teachers out there who will offer you support and guidance.
    They will only ask you for samples of Level 2 (KS4) because you don't teach Level 3 (KS5). The will ask for a cross section, want to see example of P,M & D.
    Assessment marked against the grading criteria, what they need to do to improve and also pupil reponse is vital at every stage.
    If you fail OSCA 2, and lets hope that you don't, an external verifier will contact you and you will need to send samples of pupils work to the EV. Previously some one came into school to EV.
    Edexcel has an online brief checking service, you can access this and your briefs will be checked and okayed or you will need to amend them, it's a straight forward process.
    Your exams officer will be able to support you with this, as you have already taken OSCA 2 you must be able to login etc.
    I have been through the process, Edexcel only wants the best for your pupils and I'm sure that you will be able to go over any areas with the pupils and allow them to pass, merit, distinction.
    In addition there is a great Art & Design handbook for teachers and also one for pupils, they usually receive it shortly after enrolement.
    You won't mess up the course or get dismissed because you have taken the training and are working with an IV.
    Hope this is of some help.

  5. Dink_bird

    Dink_bird New commenter

    I really feel for you Stacey-Jane! I was made course team leader of BTEC level 2 art with NO experience or training. Despite the Voc co-ordinator checking my answers on Osca2, I still failed the test and had to post a work sample. They then rejected the sample as inaccurate as well, so I had to do a whole load of ridiculous paperwork to prove the kids were being assessed accurately. Eventually, it was cleared and the students all got their qualification..not without a huge amount of stress for me.
    Tell your line-manager/SMT that they <u>cannot </u>criticise you for making mistakes if you've had no training or experience. You are clearly a hard-working and conscientious teacher - it's THEIR fault for being **** managers.
    Don't worry, the other poster was right, Edexcel do actually want your students to pass and will tell you what to do to rectify any mistakes.
    It'll all be fine. x
  6. Who is the institution's quality nominee in charge of overseeing the BTEC courses?
    Is the new IV, the LEAD IV? If you are taking the OSCA, they are making you be the LEAD IV- a role that means you are the one responsible for assessing the quality of assessment on this course, monitoring other teacher's assessing. If you are the only teacher teaching, someone else, who is an art teacher, has to take the test and be the LEAD IV.
    Assignments have to be IV'd beofre they go out to students.
    Units of work have to be IV'd regularly, one unit, per student, at least, in the year.
    You should have been offfered a training course with Edexcel.
    The new member of staff, are they an IV, or LEAD IV? (Find out if they have taken the test- it is valid for 3 years and is transferable between institutions). This new teacher should not be putting pressure on you as an NQT, to know everything- if you have not had the support form your line managaer or quality nominee, it is not your fault. Do not shoulder this responsibility your self. Contact Tricia Burton at Edexcel- (Art). Get the support you need.
    (I am a Lead IV for a BTEC Art and Design diploma course).
  7. could I count all of the 2D work and artist research across all projects for unit 2 and 1?
    Also: look at the guided learning hours. A level 2 diploma is 360 GLH for the year. A 5 credit unit on a L2 diploma is 30, a 10 credit unit is 60 GLH.
    2D criteria can be integrated across other units, as 2D work often informs other work, but the GLH should be there, and the criteria should be stated on the brief. The Unit 1 can be integrated throughout the entire course, as artist research informs everything. No need for a separate folder. Just be clear when you are marking and assessing with students, that unit 1 is intergrated, and if Edexcel come in to sample unit 1, then post it note or explain where the work is.
    Edexcel online have sample assignments that you can use.
    Your institution has a responsibility for your prfoessional development. They are at fault here, not you. Make sure that you put your training requests in writing, and make a record of your conversations with Edexcel. Edexcel will be supportive if you ask for help. The institution cannot dismiss you for this. Don't worry.
  8. Hi there
    I was searching through BTEC photography and saw your reply and wondered if you could spare some tips.
    I am new to BTEC and have little experience and I have been given an opportunity to deliver level 3 BTEC photography unit. I am having some trouble getting my head around the assignment of people and places and I am concerned about how to generate a brief.
    I hope you don't mind me asking you these questions but you seemed pretty clued up about this area. The crux of the matter is........As far as using various tecnniques with a camera, should the out come of the assignment be open ended, i.e. a graphics poster or perhaps a documentary or journalistic? depending on student preference in direction or should it be the students working on the same outcome i.e. a poster and each coming up with their own take on the subject.
    I realise this may seem a bit daft but as I am new to the department and have been asking questions, I don't want to appear too under experienced, silly I know. I guess it's a small call for help!
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  9. littlestar

    littlestar New commenter


    I have been thrown in at the deep end by teaching btec. Never done it before. therein no guidance end i really am unsure to what i am doing.

    Could anyone spare time to talk ?

  10. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    Hi, it is something you have to learn by doing, really, rather than talking. It only makes sense when you see it in action. If you are new to it, you need to be working closely with other colleagues, observing their day to day work (not the teaching, just the planning, timetabling, brief preparation, IVing procedure, deadlines, marking, moderating, recording, filing, etc) every school has its own procedures, and t is important that everyone in one school follows the same procedures, uses the same templates, etc. i once spent a whole day explaining our procedures to a new teacher, but it didn't make a lot of sense to her until she actually saw it in action.
  11. littlestar

    littlestar New commenter

    I am confused, I called edexcel and spoke to someone who said that i needed to cover two units in one year- ok i get that and that unit 1 would become available in January- yup get that too. Unit three is compulsory- OK how do it do it? is it a theme / are there units to follow on one? cant find a thing. We are now in October with September wasted IMO. I have students working on a project but i don't think its what they should be doing.


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