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Discussion in 'Media studies' started by belair, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. belair

    belair New commenter

    I am an experienced Media teacher but I am currently teaching the BTEC Creative Media Production to a year 13 class and the BTEC Creative Digital Media Production to a Year 12 class - both courses are worth 2 A Levels. I am completely bamboozled with the way in which the specs are written and the knowledge that has to be covered doesn’t always completely correlate with the sample assignments. I have always taught A Level and with the 2016 BTEC spec I have no idea how to plan the 2 year course as there seems to be a lot to cover.

    I would be very grateful of some resources of how to plan the course and SOW and assignments for Unit 25 Television and Video Studies (BTEC Creative Media Production). Also course/year plans for both courses.

    I have made the decision to leave teaching so anything to tide me over until Christmas I will truly appreciate. Trying to plan this course with NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER is making me ill
  2. msturner78

    msturner78 New commenter

    havn't got much in resources to help you, but just wanted to say you are not alone. I am also teaching new spec to Y12 and old spec to 13 - after a 3 year break from teaching all together, no resources or SOW or anything. Im finding it a complete nightmare - especially when the supposed scheme provided by the exam board doesn't actually have any materials with it- just lots of suggestions to take students out to work places and bring in 'guest speakers!' because it is THAT EASY!

    arrgghh - rant over!
  3. MsMooseychops

    MsMooseychops New commenter

    The same situation here - Old spec Year 13, new spec Year 12.

    For year 12 It's the Unit 8 exam for me - we're doing a mock but I really am not sure what the external markers are looking for. No sample responses or even examples of marked work - all of which would be very beneficial!

    We've decided to complete the external units in Year 12 so they can retake in Year 13. With the internal assessment I feel quite confident but it's the external element that is causing the most stress!!!

    TBH I get a sense that Pearson are not entirely certain themselves what they're looking for in the exam....

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