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Help! big observation next week

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by gailmg, May 4, 2011.

  1. Help please I have got a big observation 1 hour, next wednesday. Nursery class of 28 with huge range of ability, only 1 weeks notice!
    It has to be writing/mark making, the topic for the week is cats and dogs,
    Thought the less able can go Got to do a teacher input of about 10 -15 mins and plan for adult directed of about 10 -15 mins then leave CIL tasks about related to topic and writing!!
    Any ideas very welcome
  2. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    Are you using a book in the teacher led bit? You could use "top dog" oxford reading tree as a stimulus (i know it's a reading scheme but cant think of an alternative for what this idea, although have used one just cant think) the book is a little too simple but it could get things started! If you had a iwb you could use this online version www.oxfordowl.co.uk/EBooks/Top%20Dog/index.html you could then have some cuddly toy dogs or some photos and describe them on the same line "we like this dog.. this is a ... dog" writing it down. For mark making activities you could do : drawing dogs with chalk on play groud and children washing them with water and paint brushes, drawing dogs and writing names, making/ writing certificates, writing descriptions of dogs e.g. big, red, sad with picture stimulus, making invites. Then for play they could play a pet show with dogs and any other animals you have around.

    If you can think of a book about a missing cat (which i have done but no clue what book) or you can just tell a story about a missing cat with lots of drama. Children could then do mark making the cats tracks in mud, sand, etc. and have toy people follow them, you can finger paint with mud for good track on paper esspecially on big scale. Make missing poster, draw cats. make thank you cards for the people who could find the cat.
    Or of course the tiger who came to tea. Talk about how maybe Sophie missed the tiger and decided to have a party, for mark making, ice biscuits with icing pens or gel ice tubes (or use rich tea and food colouring on thin brushes or cotton buds) make invites, write a shopping list for the party.
    Hope you have fun whatever you do

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