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Help - BF, expressing and bottles

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by sjw2007, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    Do you use the tommee tippe closer to nature bottles? If so, we found the variflow teats were the best for our lo whilst I was still breastfeeding. She was fine taking a bottle for the first 6-8 weeks or so and then began to refuse it completely until we left her overnight at my mum's when she was 5 months. She soon took it when she was hungry!
  2. Spacecadet

    Spacecadet New commenter

    Afraid I've got no advice. My LO started doing this at about 8 weeks and is now 19 weeks and we're still trying. Just want to pass on my sympathy.
  3. When my lo started like this we moved up a teat size, so to size 2. She was roughly 3 months. That helped for a bit. Then we had to make the milk warmer for her, so boob temperature rather than wrist temperature (it's only a little warmer but it really made a difference) Then at 6 months she decided to refuse bottles completely (just in time for me to go abck to work and worry about her not drinking milk all day). I also tried dipping the teat in the milk before starting the feed. And if I was in the room bottles were not an option, she would refuse them completely, so I had to go upstairs or go out or something and daddy had to feed her.
    Try any or all of that advice, keep persevering and it is likely to get better. I hope you get to go to the wedding and have a great time. If she won't take a bottle by then is there any way you could come home at various points through the day to feed her? Or get the babysitter to bring her to the wedding venue and you could feed her in the car park or something? I did that when my first was 4 months and I went for an interview at university, my dad brought her to me at unchtime and I fed her there.
  4. Thanks for the advice - we're going to try the next teat size up as I've got some size 2s. I'm definitely going to keep trying but it's so hard when she just cries and cries when we try. Unfortunately the wedding is some distance away and means an over night stay so we'd have to pay for a hotel room for grandparents which we can't afford otherwise I would have got grandma to bring her at various points so I could feed her.

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