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Help - being moderated and ...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by whodbeateacher, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. .... it's my first time!! What should I expect? We have dabbled with APP but use a variety of things to assess. I feel fairly certain about my levels at the end of Year 2 but quake at the thought of defending myself!

    Desperately seeking reassurance / advice!
  2. We were moderated last year.
    Make sure that you have thorough teacher assessment throughout the year that is clear and consistent. Be prepared to show lots of evidence to support your judgements (not necessarily photocopies....we took the books). In things like writing the moderators expected to see lots of evidence of cross curricular writing. Maths they wanted all of our tick sheets/post its/photos etc (we are an APP pilot school). Reading was from a range of evidence (again based on APP).
    Liase with your moderator from now on to ensure you are ready for their visits. The biggest 'issue' we had was that nobody could be given a level 3 unless there was clear evidence that they had been taught from the year 3 curriculum (particularly in maths).
  3. Oh er! Scary stuff. Do I have to produce a level 3 child? Surely they are moderating our judgements rather than our standards (by that I mean I have to justify my levels but not necessarily produce a child to demonstrate each level?)
    Other teachers have said that realms of evidence is not necessary and APP is not compulsory anyway, especially in light of the new White paper.
    What have others experienced?

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