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Help Bear topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lynseybo, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hi does anyone have anyideas for a bear topic need help?? Any ideas welcome?
    I know theres loads of books but i need as much help as possibble

  2. Hi does anyone have anyideas for a bear topic need help?? Any ideas welcome?
    I know theres loads of books but i need as much help as possibble

  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  4. Hi!
    I'm just planning our bear topic- (nearly finished!) for when we get back, give me your email and when i've finished it -i'll mail you a copy over if you like

  5. lynseybo@yahoo.co.uk

  6. Bringing in their bears to paint bear portraits, bear shop role-play, making split pin bears (**********), looking at old bears and comparing to new-older member of staff/visitor bringing their favourite old bear, PSHE-bring fave bear and talk about it and why it is their favourite, bear hunt using their bears-, charcoal drawings of old bears (or their bears to make them look old), Barnaby bear work-using BBC site, numeracy-ordering bears by size, age, price, sorting by colours etc, sewing own bears-2 bits of bear shaped felt sewn together with googly eyes etc.
    Hope these help to add to the other planning!
  7. I am going to do bears and have never done this before either - would love a look at your plan for bears - many thanks in advance!!

  8. wow I've never seen that virtual vine website before. Loads of ideas there!
  9. WSPA has a great selection of FREE bear resources called 'Bear Necessities', on their website, i<font size="2">ncluding:

    Bears of the World poster, FactSheets and Booklet (with great photos, maps etc)

    Folktales Lesson Plans and Worksheets

    Assembly Plan

    These are great resources, all FREE and downloadable; click the link below and scroll down

  10. Hi we are also starting a topic on bears which I havent done before. I would love to see your planning if thats ok?
  11. pisces77

    pisces77 New commenter

    On the literacy mattters website there is a whole bear unit that you can download linked to books may give you some more ideas based on the stories used. We did bears in the summer term
  12. Thanks for all the ideas they sound great
  13. Would love to have a look at your bear planning too if you don't mind please! Thank you!!


  14. Hi,
    I have been tacheing the 'Bears' theme in Reception for a number of years now and the children LOVE it. We focus on 3 main mini-bear topics: Bear facts, Goldilocks and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We usually concentrate on each for a week or two.
    You will find a lot of resources on the internet for Goldilocks and Bear Hunt so I shall give you some of the main things I do for bear facts.
    We introduce this by asking the children about their previous knowledge of bear names and details and record this. Also can indicicate any misconceptions (good for starting any new topic).I have photos/pictures and toy manipulatives of real and not real bears. The children have to sort them.
    I then tell them about the 6 main bears - Polar, Panda, Black, Brown, Spectacled and Sun, using books and video (YouTube is a great resource as is National Geographic for videos of these bears - view them first so they are suitable and save them in a playlist for next time). We find out about what these bears like to eat, where in the world they live, how they sleep, their colours and markings, special facts and if they are endangered. My last class were fascinated with learning about endangered animals and how many were left in the world.
    Each child creates their own bear factfile shape book. Front cover is coloured to show that bear then inside pages read "It lives in", "it eats", "It is (colour), "it is a" The child writes the answers.
    We also create a bear den in our classroom and each child makes their own small bear and den. We then hibernate (discuss this during the topic) the bears which involves putting them away in a cupboard somewhere. Come spring time we revisit and the children open up their bear dens to find each has had a cub (just a printed pic from computer)
    For a fun homework activity we send home an A4 card brown bear and ask the parents and children to cut it out and decorate it. We use these bears for maths activities - measuring things in and around the classroom including each other, literacy - draw/write a story about your bear.
    At the end of the theme we invite the children's bear's into school for a teddy bears picnic and some fun games.
    I hope that these ideas were useful. I certainly enjoy teaching the topic about Bears. There are many wonderful bear stories out there to use.
    Good luck.
  15. Hi
    thanks for all these ideas everybody.
    I know you are probably getting sick of this but could somebody please forward the planning on to me too? karensutherns@hotmail.co.uk
    September will be the start of my first year in the foundation stage and would be soooo grateful for any help
  16. I would love the planning for bears too please. NQT starting in reception!!!
  17. Hi I started this post and was wondering has anyone recieved the planning Im really interested and really appreciate it my email is lynseybo@yahoo.co.uk thanks

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