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Help: Assessing CiDA Unit 2

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by silkjack, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. silkjack

    silkjack New commenter

    Hi - I am currently delivering the level 2 CiDA to 2 groups and was wondering if anyone would be willing to assist with how to accurately assess the unit 2 work. Last year I had a group of year 11s whose work was graded down considerably when sent off for moderation. The report seemed very unfair and had very few positive comments. I managed to get hold of some exemplar work which I tried (and obviously failed) to use as a guide when assessing my own students work. If anyone would be willing to send me some work with actual grades and also look at some work that I have assessed I would be eternally grateful.
  2. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Had the same we are going for a remark as there still seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the marking
  3. RichardSmith

    RichardSmith New commenter

    Just started teaching this, can anyone send me exemplar work? Have the stuff on their website but real world work would be great. Thanks

  4. silkjack

    silkjack New commenter

    Would you be willing to do some moderation with us? I could send you a completed portfolio that you could mark and if you send me a completed portfolio to mark we can compare our judgements/marks awarded. I will add commentary outlining my thinking behind the marks given for each of the assessment criteria.
  5. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    we are not doing Unit 2 this year as it is too much 3D design.
  6. S_Salimullah

    S_Salimullah New commenter

    I am so glad I found this thread! We have just received the remark for this unit and were disappointed by the moderator's report which provided no useful feedback. We also followed exemplars but this obviously didn't help. I was wondering if anyone is doing splashout or is willing to collaborate to moderate work, happy to share examples of strands and would welcome any feedback or support in order to prevent the disappointing outcomes of this summer
  7. silkjack

    silkjack New commenter

    Hi I am doing Splash Out. At the moment I am getting the students to work through the designs for all of the products. My students are currently working on the design for the New This Year product. I can send you some of the work and marks that I have awarded for each the first 4 products and I'll happily moderate some of your students work.

    In the mean time whilst students are working on their designs I am trying to work out how to actually create all of the products according to the criteria. I have managed to create them all myself in one Flash file (the video was created and edited in moviemaker, converted to a acceptable file type and then imported into the Flash file). I am currently stuck on how to create the form needed for the Find Out More product. Any suggestions on this will be more than welcome.
  8. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    We are using separate assets and importing each into a website that will form the action brochure. If you are using one large flash file as the brochure I can not help much I am afraid to say.
  9. mango science

    mango science New commenter

    I am eager to moderate and be moderated as it will be the first and last time we are entered for CIDA. However, I would really appreciate to find out in person how people are marking. Is anyone in London? If not, a phone call would do. Contact me on t.manuell@stac.southwark.sch.uk
    I believe it is the quality of work that will be my downfall and the fact that the examiners have no idea how far my students have progressed from where they began.

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