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Help! AQA specimen papers

Discussion in 'English' started by Temperance, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. However this school have helpfully uploaded it!

  2. Thanks, temperance, that's the one that is on AQA's website still though.
    AQA / regents...why take off the specimen paper but leave on the exemplar material that relates to it? It is a good one to use to let pupils have a go at and then see others' responses and what mark they got.
    Please can we have it back??? I have found the article on Parry online but of course it is really long in reality so I now have to mess around with it. Not helpful...
  3. We have removed the specimen papers from our site for two reasons:
    1) due to copyright implications we only have permission to use some of the text inserts for a year
    2) the specimen papers have served their purpose. Now that we have actual past papers available from the January/July exam series these will be of much more value.
    You can access question papers which more closely reflect the type of content you can expect to see in future exam series, by accessing the Key Secure Materials section of e-AQA.
    (Your exam officer will be able to provide you with a password if you don't already have access).


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