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Discussion in 'Music' started by ZappaMusic, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Please help, i'm rather confused. It's my first time teaching AQA AS Music
    Basically my students are about to complete their Unit 2 composition Brief A - Controlling texture & 4 part harmony. They have completed the work and scores themselves in the allocated supervised controlled time.
    The problem I have is the recording - both mine and the students piano skills are only good enough to work out the harmony and hear individual progressions, but are not good enough to produced a quality flowing recording.
    I was going to get my friend (a very acomplished pianist) to perform the 4 part (exactly as written by the students) and submit this as the recordings.However, the candidiate sheet (which I have just aquired) asks
    'Describe briefly how your recording was produced, and indicate your role in it.'
    Do the pupils need to take an active role in the performing? An active role in the producing of the recording? I thought the recording was just to aid the examiner? Can I just go with my original plan???? If so, what do the candidates put, and will it detract from their marks if they do not have a role in producing/performing the recording????
    The spec is very un-clear and very brief in this
  2. gliss

    gliss New commenter

    One thing you could do is download musescore, it is free and very good - for the purpose of producing an SATB/4 part harmony recording and the controlling texture 2pt melody with the given piano incipit this would do the trick nicely.
    here's the link: http://musescore.org/
    remember vandidates need to add the dynamic markings,tempo and performance directions etc onto the score for the controlling texture requirement, because the recording must play back what the candidate/composer expects of the musicians performing etc
    If you've used sibelius you will be flying with this software.
    Other than this, find a very good pianist who could play the 4 pt accurately, use the pianost to play the piano part for the controlling texture and get some good players to play the instrumental parts.
    The candidate is not marked on how the recording is produced so you needn't worry, just explain how they made the recording. live performers/ notation software dum de dum de dum.


  3. Hi Gliss

    It's a bit late I know, but many thanks for this information and especially the website

  4. gliss

    gliss New commenter

    ur welcome, hope u got sorted

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