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HELP! Anyone up for remote CNC work?!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by SEJB, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hello all!
    We are having a nightmare with our Roland Modela, it's been misfiring/stopping midway through milling our yr12 Product Manufacture projects (EdExcel). Now it's gone completely dead.
    We're a British school based in France and the French schools don't do DT so I'm limited to commercial practices. I am looking into other options but was wondering if any schools in UK would be able to run the 7 models through the machine.
    Details on the models:
    • The models are perfume bottles, as such they need to be routered in two halves
    • Drawn in ProEngineer
    • Can be sent as STL files if that is easier
    • Models are pretty much identical as they were modeled to match a working drawing
    We would obviously reimburse/replenish/order in polyurethane for the jobs and would be very willing to return the favour...it could even be the beginning of a beautiful cross-channel partnership!
    Let me know if you have any related brainwaves!
  2. I think that we might be able to assist. We could machine from solid block on a four axis router or produce on 3D printer (Z Corp powder based system) Would need STL files. Email me brian@dixonsca.com and I will talk to our technicians. Break up for half term Friday 18th. No idea on costs but the 3D printer will produce an estimate.
    Definitely interested in cross channel partnership!
  3. If Dixons cannot do it or its too expensive drop me an email at rhylhightech@yahoo.co.uk and i will take a look. 3D printing can be quite expensive and i could probably produce the moulds etc for you.

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