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help Alice with her bucket list, please

Discussion in 'Personal' started by moomoon, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I am lucky enough to have met this young lady

    She is has terminal cancer- she was searching for a bone marrow donor but sadly, the cancer spread too far and she has decided to write a bucket list... the blog is spreading via Twitter and Facebook so hopefully this will do some good and her list can be ticked off.
    I would like to help the appeal so thought I'd direct some Tessers her way, she is a lovely young lady- brave, bright and full of spirit. If you can help in anyway- by spreading her story via facebook or Twitter, please do.

    The more publicity she gets, the better. She would also love anyone to sign up to bone marrow donation.
    Please spare a few minutes to read her blog.
  2. MayKasahara

    MayKasahara New commenter

    I think this was mentioned on Prime Minister's Questions earlier, she sounds very brave.
  3. You are indeed lucky to have met this young lady. I would consider it a priveledge.
    Has put my stresses of the day into perspective.
  4. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    Alice also has a post pals page http://www.postpals.co.uk/pals/Alice+P
    This site is set up so people can send letters and gifts to poorly children. Have a look here too.
    She really is a remarkable young lady.
  5. Thanks, had not heard of post pals before- will think about what I can send.
  6. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    Post pals is a charity I love. So simple, no money involved (really) just a bit of time. I am a regular writer and get the odd reply or mention on the website (which isn't why I do it but is nice when it happens). I also join in with some of their monthly activities if I have time. For example at chritmas I was an "elf" and sent a gift to the value of £15 to one pal. Just little things. I also love it because too many young people have lost the art of writing a proper letter.
    I have actually just written to Alice as I think I have helped organise a few things on her bucket list (well I have had a go and had a few emails back) and I enjoy writing to the pals on post pals too.

  7. It is a lovely charity... and will start writing and sending stuff. The stories are really making my heart ache. Such long battles.
    If you ever have a week to spare, and I obviously have no idea what your commitments are, then www.otw.org.uk are a lovely charity- they enable children, like Alice, to have a week on camp and just be a normal child... I have volunteered before I started my own family and it is amazing.... I think the volunteers gain so much more from the campers than they gain from us.... I am lucky to have met such inspirational and lovely people.
  8. Hi, I came across this by chance, clicked on her blog and had a read -wow!.... I am a NHS blood donor and on the Anthony Nolan register but i didnt realise the NHS had a register too, after checking their website I just phoned them up as i didnt know what the best way was to go about it and they said that the next time i give blood i have to mention i want to be on their bone marrow register and they take an extra sample of blood -its that easy, i wish more people would do it. Im putting a note on my facebook page and will try to spread the word at work too x
  9. Well I think her story is amazing. I looked yesterday and she had added some links to her blog, one of which is her sisters race for life page. Yesterday I looked and she had something like £1800, today she is almost at £20000. Unbelievable.Go Millie :)
    Sure she will make the £20000 before the day is out, I've made my donation.

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