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Help!! Advice urgently needed

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kvp, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. kvp


    Hi everyone
    I could really do with some advice. I started my first teaching post in reception last week. Me and the other reception teacher work as a whole unit and just have classes for carpet times and introductions. We have tried really hard to make our practice free flow but it does not seem to be working, we tell the children that they need to do at least one of the activities thoughout the day but they are just choosing not do it and are deciding to do there own thing without much focus.
    Also how do you do your snack as we have tried to make that more free flow with a tick chart for the chn to tick when they have had it but they are ticking it and then having more thoughout the day without us realising they have already had it. Do you have a set time that you have snack or a successful way for the chn to manage this themselves?
    I know its only the second week in and it takes a while for new routines to settle in but we have got a school advisor coming in on the 21st jan and we are really stressing that this is not going to look like an improvement from the last visit.
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. First of all don't panic - you cannot organise everything in one week. Prioritise what you need to achieve in your class management and do one thing at a time - when your school advisor comes around, show her your plans for improvement, what you have tried out so far, what is successful, and what you are going to do next. As long as they know you are thinking about it, they should be happy.
    I always have snack time altogether - it's a time where a lot of PSE can be taught e.g. washing hands, sitting together, washing up, finding own snack etc. It is at a set time and finished in 15 minutes. I have snack with them!
    Why not make your focus tasks have an added reward e.g. sticker for those who chose it and make a big fuss of the children who have gone to that area.
    You could limit your tasks, especially in the morning, so that every child goes to a focus activity and then open up the areas later.
    You could work out where the children are visiting most, and take focus tasks into that area. Who said writing or counting can't be done in messy play area or sand!
    If all else fails, at carpet time, ask for 6 children to be your special helpers today, and take them directly to your focus task, and choose a different group of children next day. Lots of praise and stickers always help!

  3. OP - we have a very similar set up to you and work as a unit. we have snack/fruit as seperate classes and always have it after phonics first thing, that way we know everyone has had the opportunity for it, we then have left over fruit available on a table next to their water cups to help themselves to later in the day if they wish to have it.
    during freeflow we call the chn to a TA led or T led activity by groups. (by ability and both classes are mixed together for this) during freeflow time the other teacher and other TA are observing, playing and dealing with needs e.g. wetting, behaviour therefore the groups (in theory) don't get disrupted.1 inside 1 outside. we then swap adults on a weekly basis.
    we love this way of working and find the joint planning a dream! lots more time for preping the classroom and providing better experiences for our children!
    i ghope you enjoy too

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