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HELP! Advice on microscopes for KS2 kids

Discussion in 'Science' started by richardholme, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. I have been lucky enough to get some funding to buy some equipment for our primary school.
    I would like to buy miscroscopes so would like some advice. I have about £600 to spend. Equipment needs to be robust but easy to use and effective so children (and primary teachers!) can use them easily.
    Is it better to buy a couple of expensive high powered microscopes, or several cheaper ones so more kids can use them. Also I have seen something called USB microscopes - I like the idea of using them through the IWB but am worried the quality might be rubbish. Last of all I have been told you can get large magnifying lenses that very young children can hold over things to see what they look like. Anyone know what these are and if they work well?
    If anyone can advise on this, or knows a good reliable suppliers that would help too.
    Thanks, Richard.
  2. We have a USB microscope that works just fine through a projector. You will lose some resolution but its not a big deal - for the things I presume you will be looking at you won't need massive detail. Microscopes will come with an eyepiece lens (the bit you look down) that is generally x10 magnification, then one or more objective lenses (the ones near the sample). You multiply the eyepiece by the objective to get overall magnification, e.g. 10 x 10 = 100. Unless you are going to be able to produce reasonable slides, I don't think you'll need anything beyond x50 magnification. The USB one we have gives x10, x60 and x200, and I rarely would need to use it beyond the x10 lens. Don't worry about getting ones with lots of extras, go simple and basic. As for hand lenses...I'd save my money to be honest, I suspect they are quite expensive for what you get.


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