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help advice needed on how to work effectively in an open plan classroom

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by shaft30, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. shaft30

    shaft30 New commenter

    Please help. My school has opened a brand new building which looks great and has excellent facilities. However I have been placed in an open plan classroom area with a huge gap in the wall linking my class to the class next door. I am a new teacher and have a very difficult class. Despite my best efforts I am struggling to keep the noise levels down. In the old building I had an enclosed classroom that had a large gap with intervention rooms separating my class from the next class. Despite being enclosed the noise was still too high.

    So far I have thought about seating plans carefully.
    I have rewards in place including stationery sets.
    I have been praising good behaviour to the hilt.
    I try to keep all my lessons engaging and interesting .
    I am very organised.

    I am concerned about upsetting the class next door.

    Any ideas strategies advice welcome!
    Thank you
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I have worked I open plan and its not easy. Firstly you do need to get noise down although its fun listening to another teacher taking a miscreant down.
    You have to get over next door...you have a job to do but it does indeed require you to monitor you teaching voice as well as your students noise. You set the example, you reinforce the noise level,possibly stopping and ask the children to listen to another class and then asking if they are working that quietly and sensibly.
    You don't need to be super organised but you do have to keep the students busy.You do have to make sure they don't wander if they are not used to such an environment. Children soon adapt.
    It has an advantage such as meeting with other classes for say a going home activity, or joint planning of a topic.You can share resource areas...and in many ways you build up children's confidence by trusting them to get one with the task....Usually I found my kids learnt the methods quick and loved to be off into shared resource areas.... as often teachers are in those areas they add weight to anyone not doing as they should.
    It is hard work but once you get over the self conciousness that folks are listening,watching or suffering then you should enjoy it.....just be clear n your expectations for the children,clear in the tasks set and you will be fine..

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