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HELP! Advice needed for NQT starting supply.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by BV99, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone
    I have just qualified and due to the lack of jobs, I am starting supply work. However, I am really nervous and worried about the whole thing. In particular, I am worried that I won't be fully prepared just in case no work has been left for the class.
    Please can anybody offer any help and guidance to any prep I can do in terms of equipment, lessons, personal preparation?
    Thank you so much!
  2. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

  3. There is lots and lots of advice/resources/threads with similar questions that have been responded to previously! Using the search engine should find them.
  4. Having done a period of 6 months supply here are suggestions for you:
    - Put together as many resources as you can for your own subject (Starters, activities, crosswords, wordsearches). Just so you can look realy impresssive should you need to use them. This activity will really help your confidence as you see your folders develop. Some schools happy to share, others just happy to ride you.
    - Develop (Nick, borrow, plagarise) activities for Form time. (TES has loads of resources) Some schools can be really generous with sharing resources. Others are happy to accept your work and give nothing in return - Beware!
    - Develop your teaching skills by looking at Behaviour Management, themes from from your subject from Teachers Media. Keep a folder of what you have looked at to show you are committed to your career.
    - Try and be as professional as possible at all times. It will feed back.
    _ Look on the BBC Education (Go to BBC News and click Education) website. Research the schools in your area. Work out which schools you could cope with and push for those schools.
    - Be realistic. If the school, or the children, or the teachers are being challenging always let your agency know. Should it be necessary, ask for a move. I spent 2 weeks commuting 140 mile round trip to a school with very poor behaviouir, a class who had had supply teachers for the last 2 years who were rude, agressive and not interested in learning, and stupidly tried to stick it out. Don't. At another school one boy was behaving 'unwisely' with a Stanley knife and I asked for a quick removal.
    - Use it as a learning experience. If you are lucky you may have periods of longer placements where you can develop. How brilliant is that for interviews!
    Good Luck.

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