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Help/advice needed confidence totally gone!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by spanbo, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hey I was hoping for some advice / ideas. We had OFSTED in a couple of weeks ago my lesson was ok but not the best and comments by our head teacher since have really knocked my confidence. All of reception are being monitored after half term and I really need some ideas to help me prove I can teach well!! Its book week we so we are doing The bad tempered ladybird and I am being observed teaching numeracy!!! I was thinking of introducing time as it is in the book. Would other people do time in reception and what objectives would you use? Any other ideas?
    Please help me with inspiration
  2. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    There's a mean HT then!
    if the btl is not the best book for your numeracy session then choose another. Choose a standard one like er THE very hungry caterpillar. Same author, time too. Angle it so it fits to you and the children and the fact that you are being observed under duress.
    The VHC is good because you can sequence the days of the week - song about this yes?
    Do a warm up activity too. Perhaps just using a number line? A good one is Who can tell me two things about number 2 4 5 6 ?
    ie "Two is next to 1 and 3" Teach this beforehand.
    Read story as main session.
    Sequence days of week using line and pegs.
    leave for independent activity.
    Focus activity on sorting sets of fruit 1 to 5 and more. Still using pegs and line. or whatever
    Lots to do for VHC. Stuff online too.
    What I have learned is not to be too tied up with honesty - do what shows YOU in the best light.
    And survive.
    head up our kid. What do OFSTED know? Not a lot.
  3. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Your plenary is leaving your teaching resources eg pegs and lines etc up around the place for independent access. OK
  4. It is very aggravating when OFSTED say a lesson is OK but that is not accepted by the HT as OK. I'm assuming it was 'satisfactory' or sometimes they seem to say 'adequate'. Well, in my understanding that means that, although not special, the lesson served its purpose. Nobody should have to have a long face about it. Bear in mind, too, that OFSTED have a whole school agenda and this sometimes pus constraints on what they will award to individual sessions - not fair, I know. But, if the school is not getting good results overall they are not going to award outstanding to lessons.
    When you have made your plans for a lesson that will suit you and your children (some good ideas from Nelly), look at the OFSTED criteria and do any necessary tweeking. Be ready to defend your lesson with polite confidence. You will know better than the HT what your children are capable of and your reasons for doing things the way you do them. Don't let them get you down! Good luck.
  5. Thanks for all the comments I just need to make sure I am confident with what I am doing this time. Think I am going to scrap the bad tempered ladybird and go with The Hungry Caterpillar and addition using the food in the story any more ideas would be most gratefully received!!!
  6. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    IMO Ofsted have ALOT to answer for - not only in their day/s in school but also the "aftermath". In my years we've had 3 Ofsteds - the first was probably the worst experience in my teaching life as we felt the team were really out to get us and pouncing on the smallest possible blip - they were absolutley horrible - only when we went to the loo did we feel out of their scrutiny! - second were the opposite and very encouraging (got an "outstanding" - I'm not bragging I hadn't changed but the team had!) - and the third didn't notice they were there! Your head sadly seems to be having a "knee-jerk" reaction - so chin up and just keep doing your best!
    If you have some bright sparks ask them how many things did the vhc eat during the week - how can they work this out? I did this (but in summer term) and they responded brilliantly - lots of point 9's going on!!!
  7. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    PS You're probably on 1/2 term now? Relax! but get some resources ready so that the children will be busy and purposefully engaged. The vhc is a bril book to base a whole week's activities on round all the 6 areas of learning and WOW anyone who steps into your room!!!

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