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Help a non-specialist, please!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by anonymousarty, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. anonymousarty

    anonymousarty New commenter

    I teach a year 7 foundation group in a Secondary school. The single biggest barrier to acheiving in Maths is their lack of basic numeracy skills. So often in their assessments they have understood the process of something, but their adding, subtracting and times table work has let them down. They are mixed ability levels going from a 2a to a 4a. I have to follow the scheme and I have being going through a numeracy booklet with them the other lesson but they still struggle with the basics.
    Any suggestions gratefully received.
  2. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    they need to practice, simple as that. And most pupils enjoy practicing arithmetic but the current fad for "edutainment" as I have seen others call it on here, prevents them getting that practice.
    Ask for time to visit your feeder schools and see what methods they teach, they are probably different form your experience and mean that while you have very limited time to teacht he skills, you may be confusing them with different methods.
    You should also query whether the "scheme" is meeting the needs of your pupils.
    Having said that, the average 2ndry pupil has something like 600 hours of Maths tuition so there is time to address arithmetic as well as teach following the trendy scheme.
    Resources as such as colouring by number sheets (where a sum has to be worked out for each part first) can provide good practice.
    worth looking at sites such as Primary resources for suitable basic resources that are free to use.
  3. binarygirl

    binarygirl New commenter

    I have also noticed that some of my Year 7 this year who are supposedly working at level 4 simply do not know their tables above the 4's. I keep giving them individual guidance and suggesting practise at home but to no avail.

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