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Help a new year 3/4 class but only for one year!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cra13, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. cra13

    cra13 New commenter

    Hi can anybody help me?
    This year our school has got some extra money so we have decided to spend it on an extra teacher. Therefore we are going to have our normal year 3 and our normal year 4 class. The extra money is going to enable an extra class which will be year 3/4.This will reduce the class sizes.
    I have been told that I am going to teach this year 3/4 class however it is probably only going to happen for a year so no rolling programme is going to be devised. So basically I am allowed to teach anything I want to.. Has this happened in any school beofre if so i would love to hear what you did. I am all for teaching the children what they need but it is pretty scary thinking for every subject I can do what i want with no guidance apart from National Curriculum objectives.
    Would love to hear your ideas.
  2. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    I've been teaching y3/4 this year and even though we have a long term plan (so, in theory a rolling programme) I've pretty much been going it alone as my 'partner' is a bit of a loner!
    We don't follow the frameworks for Maths or Literacy. Maths is our own 'in-house' non-negotiable set of objectives and Literacy is book based (but using NC)
    I'm willing to share anything - just let me know [​IMG]
  3. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Well, I assume you have schemes of work for maths and perhaps English so follow these. Themn ask the children what topics thay want to do and teach selected skills from the NC through topic. I would definately take the children's lead with such freedom. I would also put in the bits that I love teaching too. Don't stress, you are in an enviable position.
  4. Are you sure ?.
    No doubt the single Year 3 and single Year 4 classes will be following a more structured system. Going it alone will cause all sorts of headaches when the children from the structured Year 3 class join yours for Year 4 and likewise the children from your Year 4 element will meet up with children who have had a more structured approach for Year 5.
    Check first before you think you have a free hand.

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