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Help - 2009 ks1 maths marking scheme

Discussion in 'Primary' started by csmith71, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hi there

    Help needed!! I seem to have misplaced my copy of the key stage 1 maths marking scheme for 2009.. Has anybody got this on a pdf that you could email or any idea if I can get it on line?

    Thank you so much

  2. deanow

    deanow New commenter

    Can't help with a pdf sorry and am positive it's not avavilable on line as it's a current test. I have an insert from a Maths pack which gives the number for additional material from the QCA - 0300 303 3013 but I'd be inclined to contact a local school as someone may well have a spare copy.
  3. Thanks so much for that, I think that is what I shall have to do, its so annoying, it just seemed to get up and walk haha x

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