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Help!! 2 day NPQH assessment coming up!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by barley343, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Hi - me too! My 2 days are next week - have you done yours yet? I am panicking!
  2. cleggy1611

    cleggy1611 New commenter

    I did mine last year. I didn't find it too bad. You find yourself with a load of people in the same boat and you support each other. If you have any specific questions please mail me.
  3. I did mine back in Feb and have never gone through anything like it before!! Its true what they say about others supporting you. When I did it there was a real feeling of "togetherness", with everyone helping each other through it. But it is an experience and one where you find out masses about yourself as a leader. That is what most surprised me. Good luck, I managed it, I;m sure you can to!!
  4. thanks! any advice on how best to prepare?
  5. Hi Barley, I am about to take on the 2 day assessment soon - Did you pass the 2 days? Were you given any useful advice that helped?
    Any advice would help. Thanx!

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