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Hello Everyone, New to TES + Questions

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by vlrynn, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. vlrynn

    vlrynn New commenter

    Hi friends,

    I am new to TES and I wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I've sold resources online on *** and Esty but I am brand new to TES. I've got about 15 resources uploaded so far and about 100 more I still need to add. I was wondering if anyone knows of any Facebook groups for networking with others who are creating and selling digital resources on TES. I am also interested in any good blog posts or tips you might know of :)

  2. Krazikas

    Krazikas Occasional commenter

  3. Littlesherbetlemon

    Littlesherbetlemon Occasional commenter

    Thank @Krazikas, you answered while I was trying to find the FB link!

    Hiya Vanessa,
    Welcome to TES. Your resources look lovely.
    Just a quick tip...just be aware that many buyers are from the UK on this website so British spellings of words need to be considered. For example make sure worksheets have the word 'colour' not 'color'. I sometimes get round this by having a separate US and UK version or if it as simple a one worksheet having using the wrong spelling, I include both versions in the pack and the buyer simply prints off the version they want.
    Good luck!
  4. vlrynn

    vlrynn New commenter

    Hi Krazikas and Littlesherbetlemon!

    Thanks for the tips! I sent a request to join the Facebook group! Also, thank you for the suggestion about the spelling and including both a US and UK version. I have a few money activities that I should probably make a UK version for too. I just had my first sale from the UK so hopefully everything is okay with the spellings in that product!

    I'm worried I won't catch all the spelling differences myself since I grew up writing this way. Maybe people will let me know if the spelling is actually a problem, and I can change it then, if I don't catch it beforehand! Hopefully this issue won't negatively affect my ratings too much!
  5. davlae

    davlae New commenter

    You could change the dictionary to UK spelling in your word processor.

    There are a few phrases that you might use which we might think will sound a little Americanised - but we will understand most of them. These (I think) are more likely when using informal language e.g. we don't tend to say 'good job'.

    We also study 'maths' and not 'math'. We don't really know what a 'rubric' is and we might think a 'spelling bee' can be found in the garden!
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  6. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    Unless you're selling resources for spelling/writing etc. I shouldn't worry too much about US-English vs British-English conventions.

    Children (and teachers) will see both across the various writing and reading mediums nowadays and for the most part not notice.

    A former boss of mine insisted on changing all of my 'recognises' and 'organises' into 'recognizes' and 'organizes' and swore blind that the Z was the British-English version. He even recruited his PA (an English Literature graduate) to tell me how wrong I was... until I showed him how to change the language in his spell-checker :oops::p
  7. magicinkstand

    magicinkstand New commenter

    People who correct your grammar when they're actually incorrect themselves... I've met a few. Infuriating!
  8. vlrynn

    vlrynn New commenter

    Thanks for the ideas! I might try switching up my dictionary to UK spelling just to try it out. I won't worry about the spelling too much though :)

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