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Helip with an interview

Discussion in 'Science' started by ockle, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I am on my PGCE and this is my first interview
  2. have a look on upd8 (google it, I can't remember the exact url) but there might be something to inspire you there. be careful not to just use the up8 stuff directly from the box so to speak... Good luck!
  3. sadscientist

    sadscientist Established commenter

    Best wishes. Don't panic! However it is your interview....

    If you put up some ideas of your own I'm sure many people will post kind, helpful and constructive advice.
  4. I found an evidence ppt on here using a robbery, was thinking for a starter, then something on the scientific claims of spot cream, could say its to help them in the coming years. i would like to do something using AFL/APP then peer review and improve, not a poster dont want to waiste time with arty stuff
  5. Another plan, starter on adverts last one on kitchen towel, then two differnt types, which is best? design an experiment, present to the class, use feedback forms to improve the method, then do the practical and decide which they should tell their mum to buy and why.

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